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Virginia Hollister

Occupation – Head Nurse, Memorial Hospital

Originally From: Waukegan, Illinois

Martial Status: Divorced with 2 Children

Age 24

Seductive, astonishingly attractive, dark haired beauty, Nurse Virginia Hollister, born a middle child, in a middle-class family of eight girls, was used to resorting to any measure to get attention. Her mother always encouraged her to find a nice, rich man who would take care of her. Neighbors of the Hollister family felt sorry for the children, as it seemed Virginia's parents counted the moments until they were rid of the burden of raising eight girls. "Don't slouch, stand up straight", "Don’t look pathetic, smile pretty", "You'll never get a man unless you look attractive:", and other such critical messages were drilled into her head by her mother. Sadly, Virginia was taught at a young age what was expected of her, and obviously it was not to succeed on her own merits.

After passing nursing school, by the skin of her teeth, Virginia was able to acquire an entry level nursing position in Mercy Hospital in Wisconsin. There she felt comfortable with a staff of almost all women nurses. In her mind, it was just like home; a lot of females, and a lot of competition. Unfortunately, not taking her position too seriously, she felt she would succeed based on her beautiful looks, instead of her professional contributions. Virginia's self-doubts and insecurities wouldn't allow her to erase from her memory, her mother's recurring negative message "You'll never amount to anything on your own, find a nice, rich man who will take care of you!"

Virginia, not confident in herself, married the first man who asked her. Not the most attentive man, upon Virginia becoming pregnant with twins, he couldn't have shown less interest in her and the marriage. Virginia's husband was interested in one thing; prescription pain killers. After paying for her husband's unsuccessful drug re-hab twice, Virginia called the marriage quits. Bitter and vindictive about the divorce, her ex-husband wrote Virginia a letter. Sadly, composing the letter after the relationship was over, was one of his only attempts to actually communicate with Virginia. In this cruel correspondence, Virginia’s ex-husband claimed that he never felt love for her and only married in hopes that her nursing profession would allow him easy access to drugs.

Regrettably, Virginia didn’t apply herself to her job and gossiped her work days away at Mercy Hospital, placing more emphasis on finding a doctor for a husband, than taking care of patients. But, when the subject of the gossip turned toward her,. it was no longer a silly pastime. Nurse Virginia Hollister was having a torrid affair with a married man, Dr. Darren Steadman. The other nurses were well aware of the affair and became jealous of the special privileges Virginia received, as a result.

An especially envious nurse anonymously tipped off Dr. Darren Steadman’s wife about her husband’s affair. Already suspicious of the flirtatious Nurse Hollister, Mrs. Steadman stopped by Virginia’s home, one fateful Saturday afternoon. There, Mrs. Steadman found her husband making a "house call" of his own, "playing doctor" with Virginia. The hospital administrator, Frank Reynold's hand was forced to unjustly dismiss Virginia, while retaining Dr. Steadman on the hospital staff. Unfortunately for Virginia, Mrs. Steadman’s Ffther, Dr. William Morganstein, had pledged to donate money to build the newest wing on to Mercy Hospital. Virginia couldn’t win this battle.

Mercy Hospital Administrator, Frank Reynolds knew that it was unfair to fire Nurse Virginia for inappropriate conduct, while keeping Dr. Steadman. To avoid a lawsuit, Frank decided to enlist the help of a college friend, Stanley Briggs, now a Hospital Administrator at Memorial Hospital in Nashville Tennessee. Reluctantly, Stanley Briggs agreed to fly Nurse Virginia Hollister to Nashville, for a job interview, for a nursing staff position that was open. When Nurse Virginia Hollister entered the Memorial Hospital administrative office conference room, introduced herself to Stanley Briggs and smiled, it was all over. It was love at first sight for Stanley. He was putty in her hands, as he couldn’t resist Virginia’s charm and beauty. He rationalized that he would hire Virginia, only to help out a fellow hospital administrator and college buddy.

Quickly, no surprise to her co-workers, Virginia was promoted to Head Nurse at Memorial Hospital. Her position was safe because she began dating Hospital Administrator Stanley Briggs. This time, no amount of gossip, envy or jealousness would jeopardize her position, Stanley Briggs would see to that.

How long will Stanley Briggs protect Virginia, and at what cost? Could handsome Dr. Grant Lawrence be a threat to her relationship with Stanley? Will Nurse Virginia use her “bedside manner” to break up another marriage, while nursing back to health, a certain beloved figure in Nashville?

Tune in to “Coach Foster Fights Back” for that, and much more!

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