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Coach Joe Foster


Occupation – Plant Worker

Nashville, Tennessee Resident

Martial Status: Married, Age 39

What’s Nashville’s opinion of Coach Joe Foster? Ask any woman and she’s sure to say that “Joe would make the perfect husband” or that “Good men like Coach Joe Foster are hard to find!”. Ask any man and he would surely respond, “Joe is the type of guy I’d like to be”. It’s an understatement to say that Coach Joe Foster is a beloved member of his Nashville community. What’s not to love about the honest, trustworthy, hard-working family man, devoted husband and father of two, baseball coach and volunteer for many charitable organizations? Not only is Coach Foster a good all-American guy, he’s good looking, on top of it all. It’s no wonder that Coach Foster feels fortunate and often exclaims that “he’s on top of the world”.

Family, friends, co-workers, as well as the kids on his baseball team, depend on Joe Foster. A quintessential role model, Joe is always there to shed light on any subject, help solve a problem or to lend a shoulder to cry on. “What are friends for?”, Joe responds to people thanking him for his advice. But sometimes Joe tries to take on too many of other people’s problems. He forgets that he is only human. It’s no surprise that Joe’s boyhood idols were comic book super heroes. It seems even as an adult, Joe believes that he has super human strength, when it comes to lending a hand or helping a friend out of a bind. Sometimes Joe wonders if his friends would return the favor in the event, he would someday need help. As a small boy, Joe’s father would warn him “You never know who your real friends are, until you reach out to them for help”. Joe has taken his father’s words of wisdom to heart as he always tries to be a compassionate friend.

Joe’s parents, Mary and Warren Foster raised him well. Young Joe Foster was always the responsible boy in the neighborhood; the Boy Scout with the most merit badges, the honor student and a member of many school clubs. Joe Foster has always loved the life that Nashville provided him and would never think of moving away from his hometown. After high school, Joe was offered a once-in-a-lifetime job offer, which would require him to leave Tennessee. Although the job and the salary was tempting, Joe couldn’t bear the thought of one day having a wife and family and not giving his children the opportunity to grow up in his favorite place in the world, Nashville, Tennessee.

Question: What’s most important to Coach Joe Foster?

Answer: His wife and children and his life in Tennessee.

What’s Nashville to do when threatened with losing a major pillar of the community? How does Joe deal with the pressure of the expectation that he must live the perfect life? Why do bad things have to happen to good people, like Joe Foster? Everyone’s tuning in to “Coach Foster Fights Back” to check out this handsome baseball coach. Will Joe score big or strike out in the game of life? Will Coach Foster actually fight back... or does he just become fighting mad?

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