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Terry Sterling

Occupation – Movie Actress

Martial Status: Divorced

Hollywood, California Resident

Age 21

Captivating conversationalist and attractive actress, Terry Sterling is an up and coming Hollywood starlet. Taken under the wing of successful Turn-Key Max movie studio owner, Devlin Max, Terry should have a bright career ahead, barring any social faux pas. Terry Sterling’s career and future in Hollywood hangs in the balance of the mood and whim of Devlin Max. If the powerful, volatile tempered and always controlling Devlin Max perceives Terry has crossed him, she can kiss any hope of Hollywood stardom, goodbye.

Originally from Witchita, Kansas, Terry Sterling finally got smart enough to take action and leave her lazy husband behind, in the dust. As Terry loaded her old car with her few worldly belongings and drove off, her husband sat in his easy chair and watched as he got loaded himself, on cheap whiskey. Terry Sterling was at last finished with working two jobs to afford him the means to get drunk at night and sleep it off during the day. Terry had nothing to lose, by leaving Kansas, including her loser husband. Scared, but determined to escape her hellish life of working non-stop to support her drunken husband, she headed for the bright lights of Hollywood, California, and never looked back.

Will Terry Sterling star in the next Hollywood hit or will she be forced to hit the road back to Kansas? Will Terry's ex-husband try to find her in Hollywood and in a drunken rage divulge embarrassing details for their relationship? Tune in to "Coach Foster Fights Back" for all the Hollywood dirt.

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