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For the love of L. Ron Hubbard, please stop those soap opera commercials! They're embarrassingly bad. The viewer feedback has been overwhelmingly negative (is that why I can't post new comments?) You have to be losing business over them not to mention respect. Who would trust a lawyer who doesn't know how much damage several years worth of hideous commercials has done to his practice.

Your commercials make me leap for my remote.

A non-amused Nashvillian.

Ok... As a local writer/film maker, I found faults with the series... actually MANY faults with the series...

And then it happened. I was up really very late, with a bout of insomnia, not long ago when I was fortunate(?) enough to have the entire series, each episode, played back to back...

Holy cow! I didn't know what to do with myself. It was like fingernails down a chalkboard. My skin was crawling, BUT it sucked me into the story! "What are you doing to yourself?" I think, "Turn it off and go to bed!"... But no. I couldn't. It was like a car wreck on the highway. I found myself as a "rubber necker" to your series. It sucked me in even more than those kid shows, like Teletubbies, the Wiggles, or those really weird Baby Genius DVD's have a tendency to do. I did have a weird look on my face the entire time, but couldn't, for the life of me, do anything until the series was over.

I had time to think it over and more came to me. I've been one of those people who rolled their eyes, and made comments about the single episodes when released. But, I found myself anxiously awaiting the next episode, like a release of a new state quarter. Amazing. What is happening to me?

And then I logged onto the site and saw the feedback. WOW! Yeah, it was no Citizen Cane, but REALLY?!? I have my faults with the series too, but REALLY?!? It reads like this series kicked a baby or something... like Bart Durham took away a dog from a family who is friends with a talk show host, and wouldn't give it back. I couldn't believe the effect it had on people.

And that's when it ALL dawned on me. Yeah, you kids knew what you were doing. Brilliant. I'm reluctant to say keep up the work, but if there's a second installment, I've got some ideas for your script! Ha! Ha!

You guys take care,

K. Scruggs
Nashville, TN

I just wanted to make a comment about your soap opera. It makes Nashville look like the joke that it is and atty's look like snakes. I've seen you and you expensive sports cars at the mb meetings; why don't you spend money on the homeless; etc. instead of this cheesy infomercial? It degrades lawyers, you are the laughing stock of TN all the way to the bank!


Well, I have just watched the complete series and read the feedback. While I have to agree that the series is really cheesy, I don't see why there is so many negative comments. The acting is very poor, as is the script, but so what? It's kind of funny! I just don't see why people are offended. They need to loosen up. I think it was a great idea. It seems to me that this was supposed to be a mock soap opera, not a serrious daytime drama looking for an Emmy. Best of luck in the future!

Derek M. Heap

With all of the negative publicity this commercial is getting from the residents of Nashville, how are you responding to those comments? Also, what positive feed back have you received? Will you consider ever doing anything like this again or will you stick to the average commercial for a law professional?

On another note, I think that the series you had produced, was the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. The idea was excellent, but the production was poorly done, and all of the speaking actors should have never passed through audition.

In conclusion, I am not blaming the production on the firm. The company you went through had no creativity, and absolutely no personality. This series, with all of its flaws, could have been made better under $10,000.00 using local novice actors with the right director. Good luck to you on your next mini film. If you would like some assistance with the next one, I would be happy to give you the numbers for some very talented, but affordable production people.

Ray Wright

Nice try, but you really should keep to ambulance chasing and leave the soap operas to professionals.

Willie Frazier

How could one of the most outstanding law firms in Tn. conceivesuch an idiodic idea of your soap opera. I'm so sick of seeing it!!!! It is an embarrassment to you and your company. I feel very sorry for you. Please don't make another as it is a laughing stock.

Karen Jeffers

I'm sure you're aware that this project has become a huge laughing stock. Because of the poor quality of writing, directing and (especially) acting, only a hard-core cynic could even enjoy it for it's kitsch value.

By associating our town with this feeble mess, it just fuels the fires of prejudice that Nashville is a tasteless hick town.

If you had sincerely wanted to do a decent job with this, you could have, at least, hired one of the many world -class production companies in town and used some of Nashville's professional actors. Sadly, people that view this, will think that this reflects the level of talent and professionalism in Nashville.

As it is, this all comes off as a very cheesy vanity project.

With a little more thought and effort this project could be fun. Go ahead and purposely make it a goof and maybe you can salvage something from, what I feel does a real disservice to the professional entertainment community of Nashville.

Nashville deserves better and we demand it.

Matt Carlton

I am surprised that an attorney such as yourself, with a good reputation, would lower his standards to this stupidity. The so-called actors stink. They need to find a real job. The dialog is so stupid. I can't stand the episodes and cannot wait until the final one airs and hopefully this will be the very last!

A. Kozak

I wish I could have found the option to make a comment online, but I'm happy to have the opportunity to voice an opinion here.
This "commercial"/soap opera is one of the worst things I've ever seen. Not only is the acting HORRIBLE, but it takes AWAY from the "product/service" being advertised!!!! Until I just looked on the web site, I didn't know WHO or WHAT product/service was being advertised. It's senseless and I believe that it caused Bart Durham to LOSE future business. God knows, if I ever need an attorney, I sure would NOT call them, STRICTLY because of this stupid, senseless commercial. I actually feel embarrassed for them.


I am a resident of the state of Tennessee and a follower of our Savior. I also watch television and see your ads.

What I want you to know is that anyone who will air such stupid slime as the "Nashville Soap Opera" and think he is doing the community a service is NOT someone I want representing me in a court of law. I find the little bit of that "series" which I have seen to be offensive, prurient, disgusting, and just plain stupid.

C.F. Castleberry
Parsons, TN

I am sure that Bart Durham will NEVER see this, As soon as you read it I am sure that it will end up in the nearest trash can.

This commercial is the worse that I have ever seen. I am sure that any third grade class could do as well. The actors are NOT professional in any way. This commercial does not help the firm of Bart Durham in anyway. In fact, it makes the firm look cheap and very unprofessional. A run of the mill firm.

It saddens me to think that a former Marine would be involved in such a phony affair.

R. E. LaPOINTE, Sr. USMC (Retired)

I truly hope when you tell us there is only one episode left, that it is promise. We change channels when it comes on. I don't have much faith in lawyers who have to advertise. Please hurry up and get it over with.

J Smith
Murfreesboro, Tn

 I hope you won't lump this in with any other negative comments about your Soap Opera campaign. For the record, I do hate it, but as a marketing professional in the city of Nashville, I am EXTREMELY fascinated by the whole deal.

Just tonight did I visit the site for the first time, and I read all of the comments posted from viewers. Overwhelmingly they are negative. And not just a little negative...A LOT negative. So negative that I'm wondering how the campaign is still on the air.

Again, I ask about this with all sincerity, as one marketing professional to another. Do you have some feedback or research that shows the campaign is working? Are the negative comments on the web site the exception, not the rule? Or are you okay with the negative comments, because you think they reflect the fact that "at least the commercials are getting attention"? What is the general feeling among the Durham's about the campaign? Do they like the results it is generating? Or are they just full of pride from being on TV like this?

I eagerly await your response. Please shed some light so that I can solve this in my brain...I'm just looking for the insider's view that will help me understand why this campaign lives on.

Many thanks! And best of luck in your future endeavors! 

John Carney

I see your commercials for this so called soap- and i have watched parts of episodes. I can't watch the entire ommercial/soap because I find the entire thing soo bad.
The actors are bad, the script is bad and I find it hard to believe a attorney is sponsoring it. I would be embarrassed. It so un-professional.
When I look for an attorney I look for someone that is PROFESSIONAL with character.

When will this thing be over so I can stop flipping channels everytime it comes on


I wanted to comment about the soap opera, more specifically to respond to Mary's post about truck drivers. I, too, grew up in a family of truckers and I married a man who was a driver. Unfortunately, I was married to one of the 10% who are just cowboys with an 80,000 pound horse. I'm talking about those who drink, smoke crack, snort cocaine, and frequent the lot lizards. And yeah, they are there. Just spend an hour parked at a truck stop parking lot and watch what goes on - you'd be amazed!

While 90, maybe even 95% of these guys are decent and hard working, one bad apple does spoil the whole bunch. And, when they are the cause of destruction, the destruction goes way beyond the imagination. I don't see that truck drivers get any more bad publicity than anyone else, I just know from experience that when they mess up, it's almost always major and hurts a lot of people. And for the 10% I mentioned above, they couldn't care less.

Keep up the good work Mr. Durham!

Lisa Martin

Please stop these horrible shows. They are so annoying I change channels when one comes on. To make it worse, your company is now identified this junk as associated with Nashville. I believe this offends many citizen of Nashville.
I try to mute the tv when this utter bull comes on. How stupid. What must the visitors to Nashville think about us after seeing this crap?
If I ever need to hire one of the local pitbulls- it will not be the Durhams- purely on the basis of this idiotic swill.

Russell Dunn

While I can appreciate law firms trying to garner new business by placing advertising on television, as someone who's been in the production field for almost 20 years, I can safely say that this probably one of the worst campaigns I have seen to date. The quality of the scripts, the horrific acting, the plot-lines are just substandard, unprofessional, and taxing to watch.
Personally, because of the commercials, my respect for Bart Durham and Assoc. has declined, and I would hesitate to hire them to represent me for any reason.
I hope that Bart Durham and Assoc. will realize that the Nashville Soap Opera campaign is probably doing them more long term harm than good.

Please consider developing a new commercial campaign.

Retta Hatfield

I try to mute the tv when this utter bull comes on. How stupid. What must the visitors to Nashville think about us after seeing this crap?
If I ever need to hire one of the local pitbulls- it will not be the Durhams- purely on the basis of this idiotic swill.


The content of commercials is largely ignored in my household. That is the time we talk to each other or replenish our snacks and drinks. Things are different when Coach Foster's story comes on!!! Grandma holds her bladder, the kids hush, and everyone watches the tube. Ask any of us who we will call if there is trouble and we will answer unamiously BART DURHRAM!!!!


After suffering through all the stupid commercials about "coach foster" i just had to say something. this last one, episode 18 i believe, is about as believable as aliens taking over the world. who, in their right mind, would tell the guy who sued him, thank you????????? that is the lamest thing ive ever heard. the entire "conversation" between the guy and joe is hogwash!!! nobody, i repete, NOBODY, is going to congratulate the guy who sued him for winning..........get real!!! if i ever need an lawyer, i sure wouldnt call you guys!!!


Just in case you haven't heard yet, this is the worst marketing I've ever seen. Contrary to popular belief, all publicity is not good publicity. I don't know how many people I've talked to that have said they wouldn't even consider using Bart Durham after seeing these commercials. Before these commercials, he was actually considered Nashville's most legitimate "commercial lawyer" and now he's at the bottom of the list. I really hate to be rude, but I'm kind of surprised that you still have a job after this. For the sake of your firm, please stop these commercials. If Bart Durham airs a commercial apologizing for this, he could go a long way towards earning back some of the respect he has lost. Nashville is a forgiving city.

Eric Lackey

Not only has the so-called soap opera series and the confusing boat commercials I've witnessed been totally without entertainment value, but they are shameful attempts to skirt Tennessee's ethics requirement that lawyers not suggest that future results for new clients can be based on previous results for previous clients with different fact patterns.
My main objection is that this series is both disjointed and stupid. More power to the Durhams. They are aggressive and effective advocates. But this form of chasing the ambulance through a dumb and thoroughly boring "soap opera" is the least effective form of advertising I have ever seen displayed by their firm.
In most of the spots I've seen (and I must admit I haven't seen them all, nor do I wish to), I had no idea what the purpose of the commercials was or why it was aired. And then I heard something about Bart Durham.


My concluding thought is to compliment the firm on having enough success to waste money on such a confusing and ineffective effort to bring in future business.

More power to Mr. Durham. He was ahead of the pack in this legal community in soliciting clients. I fully support his right to do so and respect his success. But this so-called soap opera efforts leaves me - a well educated individual - wondering what I just saw on TV, what it meant, and with no clue as to why I was seeing it.

Perhaps I haven't seen enough "episodes" and I truly hope I don't.

My advice: practice law and rely upon the high name recognition that Mr. Durham (Bart) has established through hard work and previous advertising prior to the ethics rules which prevent promising outstanding results for future clients based solely on prior successes for prior clients. Even your firm must realize the non sequitur in that claim.

I have no stake in competing with Mr. Durham or complaining further about this pathetic and boring series of commercials. My intent is merely to offer my take on this whole effort: it sucks.

This is my honest and well-intended belief. Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to express my opinion.

Best of luck. Keep fighting for the injured persons who require effective counsel to receive appropriate compensation.

Johnny Sunrise (my soap opera name)

Oh my gosh! I love Coach Foster Fights Back! We get all excited at the beginning of every month waiting on the next episode. I can't wait to see how the story line plays out. I hope Irena and Coach Foster get to run away to Malibu together after he wins a million bucks. Then I hope that big shot Hollywood producer kills off the Blair character. That Hollywood guy is the man! Straight-up pimpin'! I really think Bart and Dr. Grant will end up falling in love. They were made for each other! Then I see a plot twist where Blair comes back from the dead to console Coach Foster's wife after he ran off with that pretty Russian girl. Most of all I'm in love with the Jessica Sanchez character. I want her to have my babies. Keep up the good work! This is way more entertaining than William Hung and that Sanjaya kid combined.


Rusty Shackleford

I have taken a few moments to read the viewers' comments about your Coach Foster episodes, and I must say that there is not one that I would disagree with. I would like to add one more comment. I find it very interesting that in this series about Coach Foster there are no people of color. This would suggest that there are no Black , Asian, Hispanic, or any other ethnicities that are prevalent in Nashville, Malibu or any of the other places presented in the Coach Foster scenes. Do all the characters involved in this care live in a bubble that is white only?

Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

Andrene Owens

Coach Foster Fights Back has clearly taken on a life of its own. I think I might credibly argue that CFFB is a modern-day Dickens novel. The story line is a compelling one. You can't not watch this and at least admire a little bit the fact that this story fishes you in just a little bit. But while Dickens was widely read in his time, he was, in many ways, 19th-century England's answer to Aaron Spelling.

To read more of this blog entry, visit

If Bart Durham was the only lawyer left on the planet and I was hurt, I would represent myself. Bart's commercials are SO distasteful, and they don't even make sense! It's kind of a neat idea to do a series of commercials, but make them decent!!


I am sending this e-mail because your Coach Foster commercials really offend me, and I just cant tolerate seeing them much longer. All it shows is a bunch of bad actors. My husband is a truck driver and I come from a family with a long history in the trucking industry. Many times I have ridden in the cab of a truck and have seen many accidents involving tractor trailers, but the difference is (something that you don't show) is 90% of the time it is the driver of the car at fault because these motorists think that they can outrun the tractor trailer, or tail gate them and even weave in and out from them. The drivers of these vehicles need to have more respect for the tractor trailers than they do. As you mention in your commercials these trucks weight up to 80,000 pounds, they cannot stop as quick as a car. But yet every time, even if the driver of the car is at fault the truck drivers get the dirty end of the deal. With the DOT laws as strict as they are now it is darn near impossible to do the things you portray in your commercials. Now trucks (like my husbands) have little black boxes in them like airplanes that record everything. I am so glad his company provides them, because now maybe the truckers will stop getting blamed for the foolishness from automobile drivers. 90% of the trucks out there also now have their engines calibrated to where they cant even speed. I would love to see someone do a commercial that defended a truck driver, but we know that wont ever happen cause there would be no money earned with that one would there? I understand that you are an attorney and you are in the business of defending people, but do you really have to do it at the cost of offending other people? In closing the sexual content in your commercials have nothing to do with the coach foster situation so why did it even have to be included? and when are these commercials finally gonna come to an end? Maybe these commercials wouldn't be so offensive if they were done in a more tactful way and showed both sides of the coin. If it wasn't for these truck drivers you wouldn't be able to buy food, or clothes or anything in this country since it is because of them that things get to where they need to go.

The actors are SO AWFUL that it's almost impossible to concentrate on the point of the commercial itself! On top of all of that, it took a couple of months to even find out what the point was, even without the dreadful F-list style actors! Even people who can't relate to entertainment cringe when these commercials interrupt our television!

My God! Doesn't anyone ever view these things before they air?

Take them off for everyone's sake including your businesses because you are being laughed at rather than drawing new customers!

Please take this as a realistic observation and although is quite blunt, I am trying to help! Someone is not doing a good job of marketing this firm!

Jerry (Nashville)

Please, for the love of God, QUIT PLAYING THOSE INCREDIBLY STUPID COMMERCIALS. They are, without a doubt, the worst thing ever to be on TV.I'm embarassed for you. A young, broken english speaking Russian doctor, c'mon.


I had to come to the website after weeks of watching "whatever the heck that is on TV." My husband finally suggested that I just go to the website. This is supposed to be some kind of joke on the public, right? You're not serious about people watching this on an ongoing basis, are you? It certainly is generating a lot of E-mail for you, though. Is that the point of this insanity? Do the E-mails give you addresses of people who could become potential clients? Whatever the reason, I had to write!! So, obviously, you got my attention too. Good work, gentlemen (not on the piece of junk that you call a commercial, but on all the response you're getting)!!!

Polly D.

Local bloggers chime in about the soap opera:


Mr. Durham,

I have been meaning to send you an email for a long time. You see my name below. I live in Columbia, TN and you just wouldn't believe all the comments I get now from the coach Foster fights back. It has spread to my friends in several states. Everyone has told me for a long time that I needed to email you and tell you that the real Coach Foster lives in Columbia. LOL

Continue the fun show so we can continue to get some laughs. J


Joe R. Foster

For the love of god....they need to stop chasing some russian tail!!!

Andrew Kelley

Can you please tell me what this has to do with a law office? And why did you have to pick the ugliest girl to play Rene? And the scene on the beach with the two guys "heal thyself doctor" that is so high school play! I can't believe you guys have continued to do this! Are you this desperate for business? You need to decide if you want to be an attorney or try to break in as an actor. I just don't get it, all I know is the commercials are so annoying and I just can't see what your reasoning is? It's distasteful, and again it has nothing to do with your law office. You wanted feedback, there it is, and trust me I get the same feed back about your ad, all the time, without my prompting for comments. I wish you'd come up with something different, this is getting quite old!

J. Hayes

So, I think it's a a good marketing campaign because I obviously made it to the Bart Durham website, but I hate it with a fiery passion. Seriously, the worst acting ever; a horrible plot that makes as little sense as a hyena in the arctic, videography that reminds me of a 3rd grader's parents home video of their son's rendition of the first Thanksgiving. It reminds me of the Head-on commercials but with a callously unkind twist. Whoever's project this was... must be a horrible, self-loathing, sadomasochist.

Plus the audio was done very poorly, if you ever need it done better, e-mail me. I'll hook you up.

The commercials torment me worse than watching Rocky V after the Godfather, the Shawshank Redemption, Pulp Fiction, One Flew Over the Cuckcoo's Nest, and Citizen Kane back to back.

John Bohn

your commercials kill me. you people and all your money make me sick. boy i wish i had all the money you had to spend on this dumbass commercial. it's sad that you would rather spend your money on something as retarded as this then to give it back to the community that gave you your money in the first place!!!!!! have you ever heard of charity? at least thats not a waste of money! the only thing you were interested in was to watch girls in their bathing suits and half-ass porn scenes with really REALLY bad actors. you should all be ashamed of yourselves epecially you DURHAM. you are a digrace to the state of Tennessee. What's that line ol' boy says on episode 12? i'm proud of being a tennessean?

Laura Coates

your commercials are so silly I would never considering using your law office for any reason-get some new ones, not a soap opera

Charlene Dew

this is going to come off as a put down, but my real feelings on this are that the actors/actresses have no talent and make a terrible script even worse. Yes people remember Bart Durham but at what cost? If I ever got in an accident and needed a lawyer I wouldn't turn to a person with commercials that are totally irrelevant to the person they represent I would turn to someone with commercials that lay down the facts and aren't just a big joke.

-Falzar Klimens

Dear Sir,
The commercials you have on T.V. seem demeaning and truly I find them offensive. When I see your commercial come on T.V. I quickly mute or change the channel, so as not to have to be subjected to it.
Seems you have a new commercial during day time television,,,which I think is ridiculous...Two fellows standing on the beach,,,and one fellow hits the other fellow...What are we teaching our children??? Violence, and your commercial with the russian women and the men whom she goes below cabin (on the boat) and is kissing one fellow, when she is with the other fellow....Hmmmmm, this does not speak integrity to me,,,thus with your company running these sleezy ads, why on earth would I want you to represent me in a claim of any sort??? I have been offended with your commercials for some time now, but today with the violence in your commercial, seemed to be the last straw for me...Truly I wish you would re-consider how your ads represent your company and run something with more integrity and class....

Rebecca M. Abell

Mr. Durham, I'm emailing to you because it's obvious your public relations & advertising departments are paying no attention to the viewers discussion.

Believe me, the majority opinion on your viewers' discussion board, IS how most people feel about these commercials. I have not heard one positive statement about the Coach Foster series since they've aired. They are incredibly stupid and do not do a thing for your image.

Since reading your website, it makes me almost physically sick to think we have to sit through another year of these. If you can't stop running them, can't you at least speed them up?


Murfreesboro, TN

Your commercials are not entertaining. Who thinks they are good? I recently had a personal injury case, I looked at your firm. The reason I chose not to even call you is your slutty stupid commercials. Who writes that crap? It is like it is written by a 12 yr old. What does "IRENA" have to do with law? Who needs to see two guys fight over a girl for a law firm commercial? You are supposed to represent the professional community. These commercials are very UNPROFESSIONAL!!! Did you r competition do this as an attack?
I am confused on these commercials. Why not just tell the facts? People may think you are an "ambulance chaser" with crappy slutty commercials. Why did you decide to steer away from classy and informative commercials? I know some people are idiots, but why not cater to the more intellegent society who may find your commercials as offensive. You are a professional who seems to have a good practice. I don't understand why you have such cheesy , crapy commercials.

Irritated citizen who has to sit through your ads.

Dear Mr. Durham

I have wanted to tell you this since your "sex" commercials have been running. I have watched your TV commercials for years. I was impressed with the first one about why your father practiced law, etc. and the one/s with your son. But, as an ethicist and university professor of ethics, I must say that I find your recent series of soap opera commercials boarder on the immoral and are STUPID!. As a result of these stupid commercials, I will not use your law firm and I will advise anyone who asks me that these commercials are not appropriate for a law firm and speak to the character of such a firm! Whoever sold you on this method of advertising should be fired immediately! I simply cannot imagine that you are so inept that you could think this is an appropriate method of advertisement.

Terry L. Miethe, Ph.D., Ph.D., D.Phil. (Cand. Oxon.)

Don't listen to the negative comments. The people act like they are disgusted, but I guarantee they can't wait until the next episode. I think it is so entertaining and a great way to get people to notice Bart Durham. Anybody who says the campaign isn't successful doesn't know what they are talking about.

Chris Beck

Clarksville, TN

I have to say that these commercials are revolting, annoying, and COMPLETELY pointless. Absolutely no one knows why they're on TV, as it's impossible to follow the storyline. I don't know what Bart Durham was trying to gain by putting these commercials/"soap opera" on, but I DO know that he has lost a huge amount of potential clients, myself included. It represents him as a sex-starved, totally superficial human being who will make the wrong choices for his clients. With the lack of common sense about putting these on the air, it makes the public wonder what common sense he does possess to help his clients. I just wanted to add yet another negative comment about these commercials. Bart Durham now disgusts me, as well as his entire advertising campaign.

I would like for this to be on the Coach Foster website, please.

Elisabeth in Rockvale, TN

Personally, I like it. It's a unique and entertaining style of advertising. I've not seen anything quite like it before in my almost 50 years. I know even with episodes I've seen before, I pay attention to them instead of tuning them out.

Yes, some of the acting is a bit over the top, but people must remember this. You're packing a story line into small segments that a regular soap opera would take 30 minutes or an hour to stretch out.

All in all, 2 thumbs up. Keep the episodes coming...


Quit while you are ahead, it is a boring waste of time. I would write more but I agree with most of the negative comments and to add further would be redundant.

I will choose not to base my opinion of the legal expertise of your firm on this silly so-called "soap opera" as to do so would be unfair. That said, I think sage advice would be to stick to what you do best and leave soap operas to the professionals.


I hope you have fired the agency that suggested that you use this type of advertising; it is as annoying as the Head On commercials. Not only is the acting bad, the concept makes your firm less credible. This is a backslide for Bart Durham. Next, he will be selling cars for Bill Heard on TV. Go back to the old type of ads.


This has got to be the worst advertising concept I've ever seen. It's just a trainwreck! It would actually make me NOT want to hire Bart Durham as my attorney because of this obvious bad choice in marketing. What other bad choices would he make for me?

Please...PLEASE...PLEASE Put your marketing/advertising money to better use! I'm almost embarrassed FOR you!

Dena Long

Your web site explains that, "Mark believed we had a sweet story and people would tune in to see it unfold."
Mark's not real bright is he? Bless his heart.

Mark, listen closely. Nobody knows the characters in your commercials and no one has a clue what's happening from one episode to another. After anyone watches one of these "soap operas" they only know one thing; MARK has something to gain by creating these commercials, Bart, on the other hand, does not!

I think the most offensive part of your commercial is that it glorifies and romanticizes being injured. You might as well have said, " Hey Good Buddy, you may be handicapped after your life threatening accident on the highway, but not to worry...Bart will get you cash! Who needs legs when you can buy way more important things, like babes and boats?"

I understand controversy stirs interest among people who otherwise would never have uttered your name. I can only assume that you believe that is the key issue. Springer did it, right? Congratulations Mr. Durham. You have succeeded in making a name for yourself. I hope it's one you want to answer to in the years ahead. Good luck with that.


All I can say it I would never use your law office due to the use of sex to sell yourselves. It seems as if Bart Durham has no moral dignity due to his consistent use of scantily clad females in all of his commercials. It's quite distasteful and it seems as if a prominent person in the Nashville community would want to support better moral values for our families and teenagers. As many have already said, I would kindly ask that the law office of Bart Durham reconsider using females and sexual behavior of either sex to sell their services to the Nashville community.



Let me begin in saying I think most of the others here are a bit too critical about your commercials, I mean be real folks they are just commercials! Like the others I think the acting seems to be a bit amateurish at times but over all I seem to like the characters and the cast and the whole story concept. I have tried to keep an open mind and at least its not the same old boring commercials you see on every channel. Just remember "Any press is good press" and if they are complaining they are being affected in some way. And in no way would these commercials make me think anything different about your law practice... If I were to make 1 suggestion it would be if you make another soap do it about a real client's story and how they came out with your help... I am sure some one would love to use their story to help you...

Chris in McMinnville

I am so sick of seeing your horrible acting, plain, stupid comercials. I can't wait to see the final one so that you are no longer polluting the air waves with such nonsense. You would be the last laywer I would ever come to in my time of need after seeing your ads. Haven't you gotten enough bad feedback to stop this nonsense. You really need to firs your production tema and they need to go out of business if this is their best. I hope you realize that you have lost more potential clients than you have gained from this rubbish. Finish it so the public is no longer subjest to your terrible tasteless commercials, or better yet retire.

Debra Holman

I think your "coach foster" ad campaign is ridiculous. I'm pretty sure Bart Durham was once a respected lawyer in Nashville; in fact he worked with my dad way back in the day. These commercials are making an absolute mockery of your law firm. Bar Durham has now become Nashville's biggest joke. I suppose you are trying to appeal to uneducated lower class folks. Even if someone thought the concept was a good idea, perhaps you should have used writers who at least have a high school diploma. The story makes no sense whatsoever and is completely incoherent. It's sort of funny that you had to create a website just to explain these childish, retarded commercials.

Molly Claiborne

The biggest waste of time...

Colleen Orender

I just sent you an email regarding the painfully amateur-looking commercial series. I read your post on the website "About the series"... I need to revise the previous email. You obviously have hired a "professional" production team. My advise would be for you to fire Apple Productions and hire a better team. It's curious to me that you wouldn't look locally for an affordable production team. Filmhouse


comes to mind as a local option. How about tapping into the thriving music video scene in Nashville?

Heather Childs

I turn the channel any time it comes on. At first (if I haven't seen the episode), I wonder, what in the world is this ridiculous commercial. Today I saw the one on the beach and wondered if it was a bad porno. I don't get it, nor do I want to. Obviously Bart Durham takes too much money from his clients if he wastes it on such silly advertising.

A Pouncey

Well, I was reading some of the 'scathing' remarks people have left regarding your Coach Foster series - but I have to disagree with all of them!

Every time one of those commercials comes on - it certainly catches my attention! I actually can look past - the amateur acting or whatever and just enjoy watching the hunky men that have cast - I must say - someone had a GREAT eye for 'eye candy' for casting the guys in this film!

Now, somehow I have missed the beginning of the series up to perhaps mid to late May's episodes, so, I didn't really have any clue to the purpose or context of the commercials, but now, going to the website and reading up on it, has filled the gap.

In all actuality, I think it has been a rather clever concept from the get go, and I'll tell you my reason for saying this: Most "local" advertisements on networks - especially during the mornings through mid afternoons, are as cookie cutter and cheesy as they come. You can tell they are "local" businesses, with limited budgets, the sound and picture give it away instantly! So between the "local" ads, and the SLEW of ads for various Vocational Schools - whew! Yours is quite unique - and will make the impression that the others wish they could....and that is people are talking, criticizing, poking fun, but they know who it is that they are targeting -right? AND, the won't forget BartDurham. That IS supposed to be the END RESULT of an ad campaign the last time I checked....LOL

So, in my opinion, they have been a pleasure to watch - and I look forward to the NEWEST episode!

Bill Sweeney

Wow, I'm sure glad you have all this money to piss away on one of the worst, not to mention stupidest, ad campaign I've ever seen. I'm not sure who's more to blame, the ad agency that sold you on the idea or your office for buying into the idea to begin with.

I've seen some bad acting and horrible writing in my days but this has to be the worst. It's actually comical how bad this stuff is.

If your ads are any reflection on the kind of attorneys you are, I'm surprised your clients ever win their cases - but of course you would still take their money.

Chris Thom

I have never written anyone in my life to complain about anything but the Coach Foster commercials are terrible. You should sue whoever was in charge of that train wreck. Just my two cents worth. Thanks for listening.

Annette Hollowell

I get it! Your coach TV commercials are a lot of fun!!! Other people who criticize your soap opera style commercials, are just not getting it. Finally, a lawyer who realizes that TV commercials don't have to be a person just standing in front of books and talking. My family and I really enjoy watching the episodes to find out what happens next.


The "little soap opera" is pathetic. I cringe in displeasure every time I see an episode. If I ever do need a lawyer, Mr. Durham has lost any chance of me choosing him because of the stupidity of his recent commercials. I am not a truck driver, or the recipient of a lawsuit. I don't even have a negative opinion of lawyers but all of you ambulance chasing attorneys (INCLUDING YOU MR. DURHAM) along with the insurance company execs and politicians, have your own special corner of hell reserved where the fire is much hotter than anywhere else down there!
2 words, LOW DOWN!!!

I was never into soap operas until I saw yours. I love it. I will hire you if I need a lawyer.

Daniel Willis

Dear Bart,

I'm sure you're a fine man that works hard for your clients. Having said that...FIRE YOUR ADVERTISING TEAM! I'm stuck at home recovering from brain surgery, and I love watching UPN's 'judge shows,' but because of this, I'm forced to see your terrible commercials over and over again. I don't get what this soap opera is even about, the acting is bad, and I can't stand the parts with the supposedly 'Russian' girl.

Keep in mind that most people have a love/hate relationship with gentlemen in your profession. Next time, please keep it short and sweet. You'll save money, and my brain won't hurt from watching TV.


Those are the worst commercials ever. You had cheesy ones before, but these are insane. are you trying to make money or entertain people. Your not doing either one with these. You've wasted a lot of money on bad actors and a bad idea.

Scott Little

As the wife of a truck driver, I am really upset at the way you portray these professionals. My husband has been driving for over twenty years and has had some near misses as far as accidents are concerned but because he is a PROFESSIONAL he had avoided a man driving a stolen car coming across a median strip into his lane head-on, my husbands driving saved that mans life even though the man did hit several other cars that were near and behind my husband. Maybe my husband should have just held his line in the road and let the man hit him head-on no killing him, that probably would have saved the other people a lot of money, but some scum-bag lawyer like you would have tried to put the blame on my husband! Another time a car of non English speaking people decided they needed to get off at an exit and came through four lanes of traffic to try to do so, they clipped the front of my husband's truck (barely, because he was thinking ahead of what they might do) causing them to go into a slide and finally overturn about six times, one was ejected because none of them were wearing seatbelts. My point is these truck drivers on the roads are mostly very good law abiding people who are trying to make a living for their families and you are making it to where anytime there is an accident and there is a truck anywhere in the vicinity you try to make it the truck drivers fault! Oh , also my husband stopped at an accident scene that had just occurred, no emergency vehicles there yet and he and another truck driver (that are such awful people) pulled a man from a car just before it exploded, saving his life.
I agree that there are some drivers that should not be on the road but they don't all drive big trucks.
Alabama State Trooper PCO
Kristi Hensley

For the love of God please do all of Nashville a favor and stop these asinine commercials. To say that they suck is an understatement. To say that there is no way on earth that they could possibly be helping your business is a given. These commercials are horrible. I abSOlutely hate them, can't push the mute button fast enough and despise it when I'm fast forwarding through commercials and yours is right next to the program. Good grief, you are an excellent attorney but whoever sold you those 20 episodes should be terminated and you should sue them for damaging your reputation. Go back to the basics.

Judy Brown

How hokey can you get? This whole series should be embarrassment to you and your office. By the way, does Mr. Durham own that boat in the opening seconds of these commercials? If so, he really needs to tone it down. Such a blatant display of material wealth (albeit earned rightfully through the successful practice of the law) seems to be somewhat of a slap in the face to all of his clients.


Your portrayal of truckers is disgusting! I pray that one day you get a full does of the karma that you are over due for!! Without trucks america stops!! Scum like you helping drunk drivers sue hard working men and women out of thier enitre livelyhood all in the name of money!!Why not help truckers that get in accidents at no fault of thier own sue the idiots that are truly at fault...oh wait there is no money in that...hell has a place at the table for you!!

Kat and Chad

Mr. Durham,

As a professional writer and reporter I am appalled at your latest commercials. The series of ads about that coach are so poorly written and poorly acted that if I were in need of a personal injury atty. I would not be calling your office. Those commercials are a total turn-off.
I have scripted videos for Teri Lann, written for Skyline Magazine and currently report on rodeo and bull riding.I have done promotional work in country music. I have to let you know I brought up your ads at lunch the other day and everyone had the same opinion-awful!
Also, I took it upon myself to do an impartial kind of opinion poll. I travel a lot and stop at many truck stops to fuel(I won't fly to events).
In general truckers and other people feel you are downing the trucking industry with your latest commercials .Without the truckers where would you get fuel,food,clothes,etc? You ought to spend one day out here on the road.I put in lots of miles and had to trade my little Focus for a new Focus last Sept. because of this.I see the awful way 4-wheelers as the truckers call us cut one another off let alone the big rigs. Why there are not more wrecks is beyond me as drivers of SUVs in particular seem to cross 4 lanes of traffic at the last minute cutting people off to get to their exit. The new road rules instated in various places as Memphis (all of Shelby County for the speed limit) are causing road rage.Trucks in the right two lanes is stupid! Especially at rush hour when most trucks are traveling through and workers need to exit.No common sense was used in planning. I watch drivers cut from SOV lanes across four lanes at the last minute cutting rigs and the rest of us off because they don't want to give up driving in the faster lanes until they are right up to their exit.Rather than pick on the truckers maybe you as a well known atty could show the law makers their errors.I am not saying run for political office but....
Bottom line is your office will probably have a lot more work because of wrecks caused by careless drivers who don't want to drive in the right two lanes with trucks who are limited to 55 mph while they can drive in the left lanes at 65 and cut across 4 lanes to make their exit.Still these laws are endangering all of us out on the road.And in my travels (I cover events from Reno to SC-coast to coast) I rarely if ever spot a big rig making a last minute cut across traffic to exit the highway. Its getting scary out here due to non truckers.TN. has been my home for twenty years but I am ready to move west where there are less people on the roads and more courteous drivers. Like I said.Let a big rig driver take you or someone from your office out all day for several days and watch what really goes on.Sure there are some bad truckers out there but the percentage of bad truckers compared to bad other vehicle drivers is minimal.
Sheila Totten
Indians and Cowboys Rodeo News
Tanasi Journal Senior Staff Writer

Mr Durham,
Honestly, I don't know where to start. The whole thing is just crazy. First of all, soap operas are for the brain dead. Life has too much to offer to sit around watching that crap all day. Why would you contribute to that?
Also, your "actors," including yourself, are NOT actors and are so awful to watch, it's painful. Even my kids (teenagers) make fun of you.

A while back you had a commercial where you went around to your "clients" homes and kept patting everyone. We have a running joke in our house where we 'play' pitty each other with the pat, pat, pat on someones shoulder or head. It's a JOKE because it was so rediculas. Which is another thing...WHY do you insist on playing the pity party for attention? Nothing bugs me more in life than those who use thier disability or injury or whatever for attention and a reason to slack off in life. My brother in law was hit by a drunk driver and is now a quadraplegic. He works everyday and volunteers all the time. He just sees it as a challenge he is ready to meet. I'm a NINE time cancer survivor, since age 4 and I'm now 38. I'm a single mother now, 3 kids and a 92 yr old grandma with alzheimers living with me. I LOVE MY LIFE and I make every single day count. Nothing will stop me from living a joyous life.

Stop making everyone in your commercials play the "poor me" role. It's pathetic and offensive.
By the way, my 12 yr old son is an actual actor and he said to tell you he'd hop in a wheelchair and be the 'crippled' kid for your next stunt.

I could go on forever about those commercials and you aren't the only offender. Seems many around here like to parade around making fools of themselves on TV. If I ever need an attorney, there is no way I would ever call on you after seeing those ads. They are SO unprofessional. Makes one think that if you act like that, you likely work like that. You are, after all, advertising your company with that dribble.

If it is lack of money that makes people do thier commercials themselves, then don't make them! If you insist on being on the ad yourself, put on a suit and tie, sit on a chair or stand there, and tell me what you can do to help me. Just talk, DON'T act. And for God's sakes don't have your needy friends act in them. When you talk, don't talk down to me! I'm not a pathetic loser who needs you to save me. If I need an attorney, I need a professional one who can stand up for me in court and get the job done. POSITIVE work.

Oh, and not everyone has a computer so you might think about giving a phone number instead of just a website. The elderly especially have a difficult time navigating the internet.

Thank you for asking for opinions and I truely wish you well. Let me know if you need anymore input.

Shannon Rose

These mini soap operas are so funny! Im Sorry if that's not what you were trying to accomplish with these mini soap operas.

I can see the "cheese factor" that Bart Durham was talking about.Its funny because none if these "actors" can act. I've seen better acting in a middle school production of Grease. But that is what makes these mini soap operas even more fun to watch.When these spots air on television my kids and I turn up the volume and laugh out loud.I understand with a 100,000 dollar budget that you cannot expect to find academy award winning actors,but these actors are really bad.I think this will work for Mr. Durhams firm because people will remember these over acted mini soap operas and remember that they were made by Bart Durham and then call him for their legal needs. Buisnesses try to make commercials that people will remember. You have successfully done that,no matter how bad the commercial is.

Becki Green

Mr. Durham

I am a professional truck driver and I do not appreciate your commercials. you are implying that all truck drivers drive over their hours. We truck drivers have a bad enough reputation from the 1970's drivers. With out having to put up with attorneys like you tarnishing what little bit of positive head way we are making to improve our reputations. I feel if you are going to keep up your commercials ,that you should also include a statement that all drivers do not operate a semi truck in the fashion that you are implying. I am considering contacting the owner operators independent drivers association about your commercials. You may have heard of them as OOIDA.

Disgruntled Driver

Puhleeeeeze get rid of those ridiculous commercials about Superman and the coach. The actors can't act and it just ends up making your law firm look ridiculous. I thought you should know..

Thank you

Ann Bunny

Having reviewed several of your tv commercials, I was wondering if fair play should be in order. For instance instead of always making the "trucker" at fault why not create one with a Yuppie talking on his cell phone in a sports car speeding and weaving in and out of traffic and pulling around and in front of the 18 wheelers because they are irritated they are in their way; which in turn causes them to have to slow down tons of weight being pulled across the city or country carrying necessary goods to the American people . That is far more a scenario on our roads than the opposite. I know this may have been a case that you handled as this example but there are other examples you could use and not focus on truckers whom it projects as being more dangerous, less caring people than others. Look at it from "outside the box" if you will.


Just because you can, does not mean you should. That is a growing part of the problem these days with society, and politics. Shame on you Bart Durham. I understand that you need advertising to support your bank account. However, the methods you choose to use are appauling. By over-exaggerating your commercials and glorifying the benefits of suing someone by being able to buy race cars, and staging attractive women around this group of backcountry guys. Rediculous! I won't even comment on the soap opera series.

You probably justify all your reasons each night. But, do you sleep?
I'm glad to know that for all your money you do have a sacrifice- you are not well liked (with the exception of your peers, I'm sure) . You are not a role model or an asset to our community, and after all, isn't that what we all want our children to grow up to become?Quit telling yourself your protecting your clients, or "prosecuting" insurance companies. Maybe in a percentage of your clients. However, even if 5% of your business is unethical, is that not too much? SHAME, SHAME, SHAME ON YOU!!

Michael Provo

Mr. Durham,

After watching your latest commercials I had to write and tell you what I think of you and your profession. You seem to be a greedy pig who only cares about making money no matter who you have to sue to get it. You pander to the stupid people and convince them that they are owed something that they are not. Thanks for being part of the problem.

Tom Boerlin

You have the worst team working for you in your ADVERTISING DEPARTMENT...

The Coach Foster stupidity, is the dumbest thing on TV.

Do you really have a staff that does not do their homework?????????

Your Ads are a joke, anyone in the trucking business, knows you are just an ambulance chaser.. Making people look bad, without TRUCKS, you would not have a thing on your back or in your office or home.......THINK ABOUT IT

Most of ALL truck related accidents are caused by small cars, pick ups etc. You might find one or two that are caused by the truck driver, NO truck driver stays up 3 days and then brags about it.........get a life.


I think they are retardted...


The acting could be worlds better, but overall I like the concept.


I supervised/dispatched 20 drivers over 18 years, most had families, children anmd respect for other people and things, this I am not making up. Your commerical of driver Superman, is disgusting and very disrepectable, yes I know you have a dislaimer, WOW put drivers down and then say you didn't mean to. My drivers were fortunate and did not have a fatal accident, accidents yes, they obeyed the law and their LOGBOOK. I did not dispatch them were they had to make up time, of course drivers are like us they do make mistakes, I now make you I change the channel when superman drive comes on. Prior I thought your offiice would be a good law firm if and when needed, not now. Please do not reply to my email.

George Neal

Mr. Durham,

Your commercials give the impression that most auto accidents are caused by Semis. The fact of the matter is that four wheeling idiots are the cause of most accidents.

I am offended by your commercials because I am a truck driver. I am a safe driver Mr. Durham unlike most of the drivers here in Nashville. You have no basis for you accusations of careless drive on behalf or tractor trailer drivers. If you or your staff had taken the time to read that God awful DOT regulations book you would know that a truck driver can only drive for eleven hours a day, THAT IS IT!!! If a driver is ticketed more than three times on log violations, which can range from $200 to $1000 dollar fines, then he/she will lose their license. I do agree that dangerous truck drivers should be taken off the road, just like any careless driver (even the crazy auto drivers out there). Before you attack any more tractor trailer drivers, remember without trucks America stops moving. Everything you own came by truck, from the car you drive all the way to the materials to build your house. These commercials are offensive and should not be aired. The next time I contact you I will have contacted the Nashville Bar association and the Presidents office along with the Governors office. You are not allowed to air commercials offensive or discriminatory to other races, so I don't think you should be able to air something that would be offensive to people because of what they have chosen to do for a living.

It would be in your best interest to take a look at the DOT regulation book before you proceed to air these offensive pieces of fiction.

Most accidents are caused by cars not truck, they are the amateurs on the road. Besides, interstates were originally created for commercial and military traffic only. Now these automobiles have taken it over. They complain about truck but, they go everywhere trucks are. This crusade has to stop, because I am seriously offended.

Thank you for your time.

Ralph Richards

The only personal injury I've suffered is having to watch your latest, horribly stupid commercials..but I guess if theyre bad enough to have me email you, and bad press is good press, some tard out there will call u..The only personal injury I've suffered is having to watch your latest, horribly stupid commercials..


Hi my name is Amanda Cumby and I just wanted to give you my opionon on something. Well see I watch your commericals quite often on tv.

Like the most recent one with coach foster i think that is sick. You are making sound like every single one of these truck drivers are allful and thier not. I will admit some truck drivers may not sleep like they should but not every single one of them do that. everyone is allways on tv only talking about a truck drivers negitive side trying to make a dollar that you never hear anything good about them thats where i have to disagree my husband drives a semi and does not get the recoginiton that he deserves. Nobody is ever on tv talking about the crazy drivers that hit semi drivers you know the ones with the cell phone too thier ears, or drunk drivers or just the people who cut in front of a truck thinking that they can stop it on a dime, never once do you hear that. I have to pray and wonder everytime my husband leaves because i don't know if someones going to hit him, if he is going to run into bad weather or if someone is going to try to break into his truck kill him for his money or whatever. Basically I wish you would take the time to realize that if it was not for these truckers we would have absolutly nothing. They bring us our cars, food, wood to build our houses, just everything. I just wish that you would realize that your making ever single one of those guys look like they don't sleep and they are going to run you over and thats not true. Why don't you take the time and thank the drivers for what they do for our country. Thank you for your time

Amanda Cumby

I think the truck driver named bill elkins should get exactly what he deserves & the trucking company ought to be hit with a multimillion dollar lawsuit.

David Hockett

I have been employed in the transportation industry for over 20 yrs. well over 2 million miles accident and ticket free. I have been on all sides of the table. I cannot begin to express my discust with your commercials about coach foster. Yes its a tragedy, that could have been avoided. If you ever road in a tractor trailer you would see the lack of respect towards a large vechicle, the hurry to get ahead of them to get off next exit etc. As a professional driver I do care and take pride in my performance. Many people see a commercial vechicle as a rolling dollar sign for money. With over 3 million commercial vechicles on the road accidents do happen, we already have a black eye in the public and you do not help. I understand why some of the other attorneys I spoken to feel about you the way they do. your giving them a black eye also. Its a shame that you have lost your Love for the law and replaced it with the Love of Money. I wish you the very best have a great day. Thank you

Bob Darmos
Madison, TN

As a truck driver, I am completely beside myself with anger. I absolutely cannot believe that an attorney of all people would go to such lengths to completely ruin the reputation of an industry that the human population CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT. Are you out of your mind?? We truck drivers take alot of flak as it is. Our job is a very dangerous one as it is. Now you're causing people to sympathize with a fictional character, and they will take it out on us FOR REAL!! Drivers get shot every day because 4 wheelers (drivers of cars) get upset at us because we are too slow or we are in their way. Now those numbers are going to rise because people believe your commercial. You can know that the bloodshed is on your hands. The majority of truck drivers would not do what your fictional character has done. It is absurd and you know it. The fact that this commercial doesn't even say who is sponsoring it, says alot about the character of the company behind it. Truck drivers are trained professionals who paid money to learn the field. Truck drivers go through extensive training, and are pulled through the ringer for even one mistake on a logbook. We incur fines beyond belief for anything that we do wrong. We not only have to maneuver through traffic hauling multithousands of dollars in products, but we have to anticipate what every other car is going to do before they do it. We have to take into consideration that it takes us ALOT farther and longer to stop our vehicle than it does for you, we know that you do not understand that, and if we do hit you, there's a good chance that you will DIE. We do our job because we love it, not because we're making boatloads of money, because we DON'T. Would you do it?? No, you wouldn't. So before you go slandering the reputations of every driver behind the wheel of a tractor trailer, try to understand what we go through to ensure the safety of the ignorant 4 wheelers.

Tullina Wambold

Wow! Keep it up. The whole idea is very entertaining. It cracks me up.

George Underwood

I want you to know that there are good truckdrivers out there. Your TV commercials imply that all truckers are BAD but they're not. My Daddy is 71 and has 5 million accident free miles in the trucking business. It makes me mad to see your ads I guess its the same when all you hear is jokes about dirty lawyers. I felt for my Daddy I needed to write you this note.

Donna Spears

I am concerned with your commercials. Do you only go after the truck driver? Or do you try and prosecute the dispatcher, the broker or the company? The driver is the low man and cannot pay the settlement. The way the business works is the broker lists the pick up and delivery times due to the shipper and reciever. The dispatcher gets the load from the broker and sends it to the driver.Most companies are forced dispatch now. The driver cannot refuse the load. The dispatchers and brokers should be held just as responsible criminaly and financialy as the driver. WE all know better. Respectfully yours. A truck driver

James Gossett

Spencer, TN

Genius, if Jesus where to make a commerical for law firm I strongly believe it come close to what you have done here.

Chris Hopkins

You all defame the respectable profession of Truck Driving. Your commercials depict irresponsible actions, which lead to injury and/or death of innocent people, by uncaring tractor-trailer drivers.The truth is; Professional Truck Drivers go through months of training, followed by years, and in many cases decades of safe, accident free driving experience.Most Truck Drivers are family women and men, who are far more worried (and therefore more careful) about having a collision than the typical auto driving public. These Truck Drivers spend days and weeks on the road away from their loved ones in order to supply the nation with their needs. During natural disasters, Truck Drivers may spend months away from loved ones to provide supplies needed for disaster relief.

p.s. The pay for driving a "big-truck" is not a lot of money. I do not know of a truck driver that has a residence in Malibu. Certainly not in Nashville and Malibu!!countycitystate:injuries: Slander and defamation by Law Offices in an attempt to turn the public opinion against the honored truck driving profession."if the jury believes that truck drivers are skirt-chasing idiots, hell-bent on killing innocent people. Then the attorney has an easier job."Juries do not award millions of dollars against hard-working family men that are polite, faithful, and beloved by their community!!bills: My lost wages are directly related to the increase in insurance rates for commercial motor carriers, caused by unscrupulous personal injury attorneys

Anonymous truck driver

The recent television ad campaign with "Coach Carter" is what I am referring to. I went to the description / background of the carachters...the truckdriver, "Billy" or "Superman" as he is referred to is the clasic misrepresentation of the majority of hard working truckdrivers on the highway today. They are not out there running from truckstop to truckstop romancing the waitresses, and with the enhanced computer / satellite hours of service reporting that is in place in many (most) major motor carriers today, it is almost impossible to run over-hours. Also, with the surge in the past few years of random drug testing, the days of "popping reds" and driving non-stop for days is pretty much a thing of the past among the majority of truck drivers.

That being said and done, I am realistic enough to realize that there is one that will slip through the cracks, as it were. The recent case of the Continental Express truck and the unfortunate accident with the Metro PD officer is a case in point. However, why did the officer not escort the vehicle in question to the opposite shoulder of the highway? Why did she not call for additional road gaurd support behind her? If she did, where were they? I am NOT saying the truckdriver was entirely blameless, but according to public information, there was another vehicle involved, a "four-wheeler" in the center lane that was positioned to preclude the CEX driver from changing lanes. Should the driver from CEX have been behind the wheel of a semi-truck?Judging from my own point of view, I would be tempted to say no, and would be fascinated to hear from the Safety Director of Continental how in the world this individual slipped in through the background checks that any major carrier does on it's new employees.

I digress. Back to the "Coach Carter" campaign. It is my opinion as a former truckdriver of some experience, that you are doing a grave disservice to the majority of hard-working truckdrivers out there. Your ad agency has exaggerated the actions of the driver suddenly slumping over the wheel. Nobody just suddenly falls asleep like that unless they suffer from narcolepsy. Also, unless I am sadly mistaken, I believe studies by the Federal Highway Safety Administration, the AAA, the American Trucking Association and others have shown that most accidents involving a "big truck" and an automobile usually involve the automobile driver either being in the blind spot, driving irresponsibly (using a cell phone, tuning the stereo, etc....believe me, I've seen it alL, even to the point of people having sex at 75 miles per hour!!), or other circumstances(DUI, fatigue,etc.)

In short, Attorney Durham, I believe a disclaimer of some sort clarifying the fact that this is a HUGE dramatization and in no way reflects the MAJORITY of truckdrivers on the highway today would not be too far out of line.

John P. Lentz

Lebanon, TN

This is horrible. Even for an ambulance chaser, MAKING UP a story is terrible. Not that making up stories is anything lawyers are new at, but an admitted work of fiction is utterly vile. Shame on you.

Megan Hawkes

I was listening to TV and heard this actor describe truck drivers as people who think they are supermen and go out to kill people when they get on the road. The reality is that most truck/car accidents are caused by the car driver NOT the truck driver. Your intentional misrepresentation of the truth in order to make a dirty dollar shows me that thr reverse is true...ALL LAWYERS A SLEAZY INDIVIDUALS WHO WILL MAKE A DIRTY BUCK ANYWAY THEY CAN. Hopefully I can get someone interested in suing you for defamation or slander. My family drives the same roads I do. So do you. My family knows I care about safety above all else. You'd better pray your misrepesentation embodied in "WILD BILL THE TRUCKER" is in error about the vast majority of professional drivers. I have less hope of being proven wrong regarding my assessment of the sleaziness of lawyers, however.

Grover Lee

Murfreesboro, TN


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