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Devlin Max


Occupation – Movie Studio Owner, Turnkey-Key Max Studios

Malibu, California Resident

Martial Status: Divorced but on the prowl

Age 35

Devilishly handsome, sophisticated and the filthy rich owner of Turn-Key Max Movie Studios in Hollywood, California, Devlin Max wants for nothing. The Max family has passed down their fortune from generation to generation. As the only child of the late Herbert Max IV and the late Phoebie Max, Devlin was not only a spoiled, pampered child, but the sole heir to the Max fortune. As the last remaining Max, Devlin feels it’s his duty to carry on the family name. But in Devlin’s mind there is so little time, and so many magnificent women.

Devlin’s inheritance and the Turn-Key Max Move Studio empire he built, allows him to enjoy the best-in-class of everything; mansions, airplanes, yachts, designer clothing, gourmet food, champagne, lavish parties and most of all, women. Yet to Devlin, the beautiful women and movie stars of Hollywood have not been enough to keep his eyes from roving. It seems that Devlin Max changes drop dead gorgeous movie star girlfriends, as often as he changes his clothes.

Devlin Max has been referred to as manipulative and controlling in business, as well as his personal life. Just ask his former wife, Helga Max, stunningly attractive, former Swedish model. Their marriage began to unravel when Helga insisted on accompanying her husband, Devlin to London where he was to shoot a film. When Helga finished high tea with Her Royal Majesty the Queen of England, she stopped by the London film set. There, she found Devlin, you might say, making more than a “movie” with the lovely leading lady. Helga became royally mad. She promptly engaged her attorney to start divorce proceedings. It’s reported that her monthly alimony check from Devlin is more than adequate to keep her living the glamorous lifestyle, to which she had grown accustomed.

Nobody in Hollywood dares cross the powerful Devlin Max! Anyone who makes the grave mistake of betraying him, will suffer. Several tactics of revenge have been employed by Devlin, including blackballing actors, (to make sure they never work in Hollywood again), if they are less than loyal. After the humiliating break-up with ex-wife, hellacious Helga Max, Devlin boldly announced that no woman would dare leave him again. It is said that “power corrupts” and Devlin is extremely powerful.

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