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  • Joe Foster
  • Dr. Irina Sulemina
  • Sara Foster
  • Dr. Grant Lawrence
  • Boat
  • Jessica Sanchez
  • Linda Johnson
  • Sophia Krainov
  • Terry Sterling
  • Devlin Max
  • Bill Elkins
  • Bobby Ray Bueller, Jr.
  • Virginia Hollister, R.N.
  • Loretta Sweetwater
  • Stanley Briggs
  • Bart Durham
  • Blair Durham
  • Jackie & Jeremy Foster with Molly
Irina Sulemina

Occupation – Neurosurgeon

Malibu California Resident

Martial Status: Single

Age 27

Dr. Irina Sulemina studied medicine in Russia, under renowned Neurosurgeon, Dr. Ivan Petrofsky.

Dr. Petrofsky immediately took Irina “under his wing” and mentored her, upon the convincing of his Aunt Natasha, who explained Irina’s difficult childhood circumstances. A horrible beginning by any standards, as an infant, Irina was abandoned by an alcoholic mother, who chose Russian Vodka over her baby. On snow-covered, concrete steps of the orphanage, her mother set down a small wooden crate, containing a shivering, one month old baby girl, Irina Sulemina. The orphanage worker, (Dr. Petrofsky’s Aunt Natasha) who found baby Irina on the steps, saved her from probable frost bite, or a worse fate. Aunt Natasha, a compassionate, gentle woman, immediately bonded with the infant and vowed the helpless child would have a decent future. When Irina became of age, Dr. Petrofsky’s aunt convinced her powerful doctor nephew to pull strings with the Russian government to allow Irina to be admitted into a pre-med program. Irina seized the challenge of school and graduated with the highest marks. In his later years, the elderly and frail, Ivan Petrofsky, had one more agenda for Irina. Although regarded a loyal Russian, Ivan wanted Irina to have the life opportunities that only the United States could offer. Ivan spent the majority of his life savings to bribe a Russian official, who immediately approved paperwork granting Irina permission to leave Russia. Scared, but at the same time enthusiastic, Irina Sulemina was off to start a new and improved life in the U.S. Los Angeles, California became her new home, where Ivan Petrofsky, once again used his influence and called in a favor of an old American friend. As Dean of UCLA Medical School, (and cousin of a major university benefactor), Ivan’s friend granted Irina admission into the prestigious university, on a full scholarship.

Once again, graduating at the top of her medical school class, Irina moved to Nashville, Tennessee with her boyfriend. She suddenly left Nashville, upon landing a job as a top surgeon at University Hospital in Malibu, California. Irina was quickly given the nick name the “Russian Miracle”. A name, nothing to do with her childhood trauma, but rather for her incredible gift of healing. Her English is a bit broken, but she expertly fixes injuries with her divine gift of ingenious surgical procedures. During her young career, she has already been responsible for saving more lives than some of the older, more established surgeons. Everything about Irina Sulemina seems to be a miracle; being rescued by Aunt Natasha at the orphanage, a medical school scholarship, a lucrative and prestigious career in medicine, her amazing beauty, and her exceptional professional abilities. Regarding Aunt Natasha and Dr. Ivan Petrofsky as her family, she solely credits their intervention for her success.

Ever since Irina started dating Devlin Max, (the handsome and wealthy owner of Turn-Key Max Movie Studios in Hollywood), this selfish man has tried to convince Irina to devote her time to only him, (when it’s convenient for him), in lieu of healing patients. This relationship with movie studio boyfriend has caused University Hospital nurses and other colleagues to secretly wonder if Irina truly appreciates her gift. Many wonder if the “Russian Miracle” was turning into the “Russian Materialist".

Which of Irina’s many love interests will rush this Russian beauty to the marriage alter? Will the Russian temptress be tempted to dump her medical career in favor of a life of leisure? Does the “Russian Miracle” need a miracle of her own, when life throws her a curve ball? Rush to your TV and don’t miss “Coach Foster Fights Back”!

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