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  • Jackie & Jeremy Foster with Molly
Jackie and Jeremy Foster with Molly

Jackie FosterJeremy FosterMolly Foster

Jackie Foster

Nashville, Tennessee Resident

Age 7

Jackie Foster is not a typical seven year old girl. She seems wise and considerate, beyond her years. Much like her dad, Coach Joe Foster, Jackie is serious and always thinks of others. Sometimes her Mom, Sara Foster, gets concerned that Jackie shoulders too much responsibility for a young girl. Also close to her brother, Jeremy and her parents, this close knit family enjoys quality time together. They have family fun together such as baseball games, canoeing, camping and hiking. The entire Foster family simply adores the outdoors.

Although Jackie has many friends, her best friend is her dog. In fact, Jackie’s favorite pastime is to play with her Shetland Sheep Dog, “Molly”. Jackie wouldn’t think of going to her brother’s baseball game, or going to a friend’s house to play, unaccompanied by her trusty dog. Luckily, her dog is well-behaved and is adored by her neighbors.

Jackie has informed her parents that when she grows up, she wants to become a doctor to help heal the sick. Her favorite relative, Aunt Linda, a childhood Leukemia survivor, inspired her dream of a career in medicine. Jackie spends quite a bit of time with her Aunt Linda, painting, drawing and talking about life.

Don’t miss an episode of “Coach Foster Fights Back” to see what the future holds for little Jackie.

Jeremy Foster

Nashville, Tennessee Resident

Age 9

Jeremy Foster lives his life to please his dad, he so admires, Coach Joe Foster. Luckily, for Jeremy, his dad is a kind and encouraging role model of a parent. Jeremy plays baseball on the team for which his dad serves as coach. How proud Jeremy is, that his dad is the coach. But, Jeremy’s only regret, he’s the worst player on his baseball team. He feels that he’s a major embarrassment to his coach dad. Of course, Coach Foster is very proud of his son. Jeremy’s father always reminds him, “Winners never quit”. Since Jeremy wants to be a winner in his dad’s eyes, he continues to play baseball, despite a pathetic record.

On weekends, Jeremy makes an effort to spend every waking moment with his dad. While most boys his age avoid household chores, Jeremy embraces any chance to work alongside his dad. Neighbors just smile and shake their heads as they walk by the Foster residence and notice the father and son team having fun together as they rake the yard, wash the family car or sweep the sidewalk. The Foster family seems like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting. In our often violent, greedy and self-centered world we live in today, the Fosters are a refreshing example of a family who cares for each other and always, no matter what, sticks together.

Will Jeremy Foster disappoint Nashville’s expectations of the son of adored Coach Joe Foster? Will the pressure of filling his dad’s shoes be too tall an order for the small boy? What will it take to convince Jeremy that he makes his dad proud? Growing up is complicated and as you’ll see in “Coach Foster Fights Back” it’s not easy being a super clumsy son of an almost super hero dad.

Molly Foster

Occupation – Family Dog and Baseball Team Mascot

Nashville, Tennessee Resident

Age 9, (63 in Dog Years)

Molly Foster, an adorable Shetland Sheep dog, is Coach Joe Foster family’s beloved dog. Also, an important role, Molly acts as mascot to Joe Foster’s baseball team. When the baseball team loses, Molly seems to sense the disappointment of Joe and the team, trying her best to console them.

Molly has been to all the Coach’s baseball games and can be spotted hanging around the concession stand, operated by Bobby Ray Bueller (of Bobby Ray’s Uptown Café), waiting for someone to drop a hotdog or some popcorn. As team mascot, Molly proudly has earned the privilege of riding on Coach Foster’s baseball team’s float in the President’s Day Parade in Nashville. She is the hit of the parade, wearing her team baseball jersey and hat.

Molly, a playful and gentle by nature pet, provides hours of amusement and companionship for Sara and Joe Foster’s children, Jeremy and Jackie. Loved by the entire neighborhood, Molly achieved super canine status, as she once pulled a drowning infant out of a pond in a local park. Molly took a cute photo in The Tennessean when she appeared on the front page with a headline reading “Coach Foster’s Dog Saves The Day”.

What will unfold in the “Coach Foster Fights Back” story? Who will Molly, the faithful dog of the Foster family, need to console next? Watch for Molly in “Coach Foster Fights Back” because she teaches us all that you can teach an old dog, new tricks.


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