Meet the Cast

  • Joe Foster
  • Dr. Irina Sulemina
  • Sara Foster
  • Dr. Grant Lawrence
  • Boat
  • Jessica Sanchez
  • Linda Johnson
  • Sophia Krainov
  • Terry Sterling
  • Devlin Max
  • Bill Elkins
  • Bobby Ray Bueller, Jr.
  • Virginia Hollister, R.N.
  • Loretta Sweetwater
  • Stanley Briggs
  • Bart Durham
  • Blair Durham
  • Jackie & Jeremy Foster with Molly
Bart Durham

Bart has been practicing law for over thirty-five years and has focused on personal injury for the last twenty. 

While each client and their respective circumstances may be unique, throughout the years, Bart has noted similarities in the effects injuries can have on lives.  Through a compilation of common events, typical case situations and human reactions, is born the fictional “Coach Foster Fights Back” story.

Although Bart is surrounded by fictional characters, (with the exception of his son, Blair), in the dramatization of the Coach Foster story, Bart appears as himself.  The Joe Foster tractor trailer case, staged in this serial of TV spots is not real, but many aspects are characteristic of real life and case situations.

The Coach Foster story dramatizes natural human emotions, commonly experienced when the misfortune of an injury occurs.  So often, the effects of such a tragedy are not limited to the person actually injured.  Family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers and others in the community can be affected in various degrees.  The Coach Foster story touches on some of the pain, burden, heartbreak, fear, financial stress and physical limitations that can be associated with an injury. 

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