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Episode #20: ’Winners Never Quit - Nashville Wins!”

Scene 1: Madison Municipal Park - Baseball Field - Nashville, Tennessee - Night

It's a big night for Coach Joe Foster.  It's his first return game coaching his team, after his accident.  There is quite a bit to celebrate, tonight.  The baseball crowd is pumped and ready to witness the victory of Coach Joe Foster's baseball team.  Dr. Grant Lawrence and Dr. Irina Sulemina, having just announced their engagement, clasp each other's hands.  Grant excuses himself to go to the concession stand, provided by Loretta Sweetwater, and Bobby Ray Bueller of Bobby Ray’s Uptown Café.  Grant orders his beautiful Russian bride-to-be, an American hot dog.  A smiling Grant brings the hotdog back to Irina.  She laughs at his gesture, understanding that he is underscoring American baseball traditions.

Coach Foster tells Jeremy that he is up to bat.  The prospect of striking out on his Dad's big night, horrifies Jeremy, as his biggest fear is disappointing his Dad.  Jeremy mutters "But, it's the bottom of the ninth and we've got two outs!"  In an effort to make up for insulting him the night of his Dad's car accident, Jeremy's teammates tell him that everyone deserves a chance to play.  The team apologizes to Jeremy for their poor sportsmanship that same sad night.  The team feels ashamed of their behavior, when they made Jeremy painfully aware of their lack of faith in his abilities.  His best friend and teammate gives Jeremy the best pep talk, of which a ten year old is capable.  His friend pats Jeremy on the back and says, "So go out there and try your best!"  Jeremy drags his bat in the dirt and reluctantly approaches home plate.

The pitch meets Jeremy's bat and he uses all his strength to knock the ball out of the park.  To the delight of the crowd, the umpire yells "Home run!" and declares Coach Foster's team the winners of the game.  An overjoyed Jeremy motions to his Dad, to join him, as he says, "Come on, Dad, run the bases with me!"  An overjoyed Coach Foster, though limping somewhat, makes his way over to his son.  Joe contentedly uses the legs, which had failed him, for so long.  Coach Foster replies, "I'd be proud to, son!"

Coach Joe Foster and his son, Jeremy runs the bases together.  The crowd cheers uncontrollably! In the stands, another father and son team enjoys the moment together.  Blair turns to his Dad, Bart Durham and Blair says, "Will you look at that,…it's just like some fairytale ending!"  Bart Durham sums up the Coach Foster story by saying, "I think it's just the way it should be!"


THE END.    Or is it just the beginning for Coach Joe Foster, because "Winners never quit!"

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