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  • Joe Foster
  • Dr. Irina Sulemina
  • Sara Foster
  • Dr. Grant Lawrence
  • Boat
  • Jessica Sanchez
  • Linda Johnson
  • Sophia Krainov
  • Terry Sterling
  • Devlin Max
  • Bill Elkins
  • Bobby Ray Bueller, Jr.
  • Virginia Hollister, R.N.
  • Loretta Sweetwater
  • Stanley Briggs
  • Bart Durham
  • Blair Durham
  • Jackie & Jeremy Foster with Molly

Episode #17: “Love's In The Air”

Scene 1: Interior of Coach Joe Foster’s Home - Sylvan Park, Nashville, Tennessee - Day
The entire Foster family meets in their living room with Joe’s personal injury lawyers, Bart Durham and Blair Durham. As the offer submitted by the insurance company is reviewed by the Fosters, the discussion becomes emotional and intense. But, Joe and Sara feel comfortable expressing their true feelings to Bart and Blair Durham, having worked closely with them on Joe’s case, for some time now.

Referring to the less than expected offer from the insurance company, Sara Foster’s lovely sister Linda nods her head and says, "I agree with Blair, you shouldn’t accept this." Sara is thankful for her sister’s words of advice.
Blair Durham responds by stating "There are no guarantees if we go to trial, but we have a great case. We definitely think we should take the case to court." An obviously angry and hurt Joe Foster finally sounds off about the insurance company offer by saying, "There were no guarantees with the surgery either. I could have died . Through no fault of my own, I lost the use of my legs for six months. I lost my job. I almost lost my life. No,… I didn’t accept that chair, and I can’t accept this." Joe Foster’s voice is strained and he fights the tears, referring to the fact that he wouldn’t accept being in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Joe compares his rejection of the wheelchair to his rejection of the insurance company offer. Bart Durham supports Joe’s decision, as he remarks "So we’re all agreed, courthouse here we come!"

Scene 2: Backyard Deck of Dr, Grant Lawrence - Belle Meade Boulevard, Nashville Tennessee - Dusk

After a hectic afternoon, Dr. Grant Lawrence and Dr. Irina Sulemina finally take a moment to relax on Grant’s backyard deck. Grant, well aware that his time with Irina might be coming to an end, knows that he must make his feelings for her known. Grant can’t bear the thought of losing Irina again. Having been engaged to the beautiful doctor years ago, only to have her break the engagement to move to California, his plans are to do everything within his power, to avoid letting her get away again. The handsome, heartthrob of a doctor, although perused by many a Nashville beauty, has never been able to get Irina out of his heart and mind. His mind races, searching for the right words to make Irina say "yes" to his proposal of marriage.

As the sun sets, it creates the perfect romantic setting for the subject Dr. Grant was about to broach. Irina looks radiant as he gazes into her eyes and slowly reaches for her hand. Grant thoughts are of nothing else but making a lifelong commitment to Irina. She seems to return loving feelings, as she gently caresses Grants arm. It seems as if love is in the air in Nashville.

Dr. Grant Lawrence has practiced his marriage proposal to Irina, at least a million times before. But he throws caution to the wind, as unrehearsed words emerge from his lips in a tender voice, as he whispers, "This was my grandmother’s ring and this was my mothers ring. And if you will take it and honor me by being my wife, you would make me the happiest man. Will you be my wife? Will you marry me?"
Grant opens the diamond engagement ring box and presents it to his love. Irina beams with happiness, as she blushes and responds, "Yes, Grant." Grant is overwhelmed simultaneously with relief and joy, as he heard the words, for which he longed. Irina raises her hand, as Grant slips his family heirloom engagement ring, on her slender finger. Grant embraces Irina and the couple kisses passionately.

Is the choice of Coach Joe Foster taking his case to court, a wise move? Or should Joe have accepted the insurance company’s offer and put the entire nightmare to bed?

With Dr. Grant Lawrence more secure in his future with Irina, will it allow him to concentrate solely on his patient Joe Foster’s recovery? Having the Russian surgeon stay in Nashville, might be a lucky break for both Dr. Grant Lawrence and Coach Joe Foster. But, what are the odds of the powerful and devious movie studio owner, Devlin Max allowing Irina to fall comfortably into a new life, in Nashville? Will Devlin Max be instrumental in the "fall" of Dr. Lawrence, to make certain Irina returns to California?

Is "love really in the air" for Grant and Irina? Or is it merely the fragrant smell of Loretta Sweetwater’s lemon meringue pie baking at Nashville’s favorite truck stop restaurant, Bobby Ray’s Uptown Café? To find out, join other Nashville residents for Bobby Ray’s famous coffee and Loretta’s award winning pie, at Bobby Ray’s Uptown Café and you’ll hear all the buzz. But, if you opt for a no calorie update, just return to this website often. More than a sugar buzz, this roller coaster ride is still not over for anyone involved with Joe Foster’s case. Stay tuned for more interesting twists and turns in the story by watching ’Coach Foster Fights Back"!

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