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  • Jessica Sanchez
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  • Sophia Krainov
  • Terry Sterling
  • Devlin Max
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  • Stanley Briggs
  • Bart Durham
  • Blair Durham
  • Jackie & Jeremy Foster with Molly

Episode #16: “Life Goes On”

Scene 1: Interior of Coach Joe Foster's Hospital Room - Memorial Hospital Nashville, Tennessee - Day

The beautiful Nurse Virginia Hollister enters the hospital room of Coach Joe Foster. In contrast to the somber mood of the Foster family, the nurse's cheerful personality is a breathe of fresh air. In Joe's hospital room are his devoted family members; wife Sara, daughter Jackie, son Jeremy and his sister-in-law, Linda. Nurse Hollister pulls Joes' paralyzed legs from under the hospital sheets, to prepare for his post surgery examination, to be performed by Dr. Grant Lawrence. The exam will determine whether or not Joe has regained feeling in his legs. With an understanding of how important the doctor's findings are to the family's future, they anxiously stand at attention by Joe's bedside. Every few minutes, Sara and the children nervously glance towards the hospital room door, in expectation of Dr. Grant Lawrence's arrival.

Sara Foster attempts to make Joe feel as comfortable, as possible, as they await the report from the doctor. Every minute seems like an hour. The entire family puts on a brave front, but naturally they are apprehensive about the results of the complicated Petrofsky Procedure, recently performed on Coach Foster, by the renowned Russian Doctor, Irina Sulemina. An uneasy Jeremy fidgets, as he is fully aware that at this point, if his Dad still has no feeling in his legs, the prospect of him walking again, may not be favorable. Jeremy steals a glance at his watch; keenly aware of every second ticking and clinging to the hope that soon the doctor will tell him that everything will be all right. Sara's sister, Linda looks into her sister's eyes to read her feelings. Linda senses the fear in Sara's heart. Linda forces a smile, in an attempt to reassure Sara.

Dr. Grant Lawrence confidently walks into Joe's hospital room and is greeted by the Foster family. Jackie and Sara, on either side of Joe's hospital bed, tightly clasp Joe's hands. With an all-business attitude, Dr. Lawrence wastes no time. He immediately approaches his patient and matter-of-factly says "Joe, it's still pretty early, so don't be disappointed if you don’t feel anything." Dr. Lawrence applies pressure from a medical instrument to Joe's foot. Joe can see that the doctor touches his foot, but he feels nothing. The doctor continues the exam, applying pressure to various points on Joe's foot. Periodically Joe mutters, "No" and slowly shakes his head, to indicate he feels no sensation. Sara tightly grips her husband's hand and hangs her head, as she prays in silence. Finally Joe exclaims, "Wait, I felt that. Doc, I felt that. Doctor Lawrence you just gave me my life back!" Sara quickly raises her head, as if her prayers have been answered. Suddenly, it is as if a switch is turned on, which instantly changes the demeanor of the Foster family. Everyone in the room beams with delight at the news of sensation in Joe's leg. So much time has gone by, since Foster family has felt a sense of hope.

Scene 2: Interior of Coach Joe Foster's Home - Sylvan Park, Nashville, Tennessee - Day

Seated in the Foster living room, the family gathers to meet with the lawyers handling Joe's personal injury case, Bart Durham and Blair Durham. By now, after working closely with Bart Durham and his team, Sara and Joe feel like they are talking to friends, not just their lawyers. Blair Durham begins the conversation with an introduction, "I'd like to introduce the newest member of our legal team, Jessica Sanchez." Linda looks over at her sister Sara and nods her head, as if to continue the thoughts they shared in an earlier conversation. The fact that yet another legal specialist has joined Bart Durham's law firm, confirms Linda's belief that Joe is receiving excellent legal representation. Just earlier that same day Linda discussed the fact that not only one person is working on Joe's personal injury case, but he has the benefit of an entire legal team at Bart Durham's office. Linda only wants what is best for her sister and brother-in-law and she is clearly pleased.

All eyes focus on the stunningly gorgeous and intelligent, Jessica Sanchez, as she addresses the group. Jessica turns to Joe and asks, "Joe, how's the physical therapy coming?" Appreciative of her interest in his case and condition he replies, "Fantastic. I'm almost off of the walker now." Sara beams with pride at her husband's progress and bravery. Jeremy pats his Dad on the shoulder.

Blair Durham pulls a document out of his brief case and Jessica states, "The insurance company has made an offer." Blair Durham follows up by saying, "I strongly recommend that you not accept it, but it's my job to at least show it to you." Joe reluctantly looks at the figure on the insurance offer and shakes his head with disappointment. Feeling beat down and tired, Joe can't even muster a comment and sadly hands the document to Sara. With great apprehension Sara glances down at the paper and says, "It's not very much, with what we've been through."

Feeling defeated, will Joe accept the inadequate offer from the insurance company? If so, what will happen to the Foster family's lifestyle? Will Jessica Sanchez's contribution to Bart Durham's legal team make a positive difference in Joe's case? Will Dr. Irina Sulemina take the time to stick around in Nashville long enough, to find out how Coach Joe Foster is doing after receiving the Petrofsky Procedure? Or will Irina jump on movie studio owner Devlin Max's private jet and head for the hills of Hollywood? Will Dr. Grant Lawrence feel that life is not worth living, if Irina leaves him?

No matter what happens, life goes on for everyone involved. But, time is ticking for the Fosters. No longer employed by the plant, Joe is unable to provide for his family. With the pressures of mounting household and medical bills, how much more can the Fosters endure? Everyone has a story. But this one's full of highs and lows. Stay tuned and don't miss a beat of this ongoing tale. Uncover what makes each character "tick", by reading detailed back-stories on this web site.

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