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Episode #15: "Nashville vs. L.A."

Scene 1: Home Interior of Dr, Grant Lawrence, Nashville, Tennessee - Day

The sultry Jessica Sanchez, (Dr. Irina Sulemina's friend, visiting from Los Angeles, California) is entertained by Dr. Grant Lawrence, while Irina tends to some pre-surgical duties at Nashville Memorial Hospital. Their morning was spent site seeing in Nashville. Grant enjoyed showing Jessica the city that he adores. He hoped that Jessica would be impressed with Nashville and help him convince Irina that it would be a great place to live and raise children. In the afternoon, Grant and Jessica return to his home for a dip in the pool, awaiting Irina's return. As Grant arranges lounge furniture around the pool, for a relaxing afternoon in the sun, Jessica heads inside Grant's home to get a light snack. Just then, Grant's doorbells rings. Wearing a sexy red bathing suit, Jessica makes herself at home and answers Grant's front door. A surprised, Blair Durham is greeted by the scantily clad Jessica, at the door. Expecting Grant to open the door, Blair is startled to see a strange women in his friend's home, wearing nothing more than a skimpy swim suit. Blair discretely takes a step back and with a bewildered look on his face, he gingerly asks her,.. "Is,. Grant home?" Jessica instantly recognizes Blair from a photo displayed in Grant's home, of some of his Nashville friends attending a Titan's football game. Jessica, never having met anyone she considers a stranger, immediately invites Blair to come in the door. They chat about the fact that Blair and Grant are high school buddies. Making a reference to their carefree high school years in Nashville, Blair remarks, "I could tell you some stories". Jessica chuckles and leads Blair out to the swimming pool, where Grant is now comfortably lounging.

Scene 2: Home of Dr, Grant Lawrence, Backyard, Poolside - Day

As Grant Lawrence, Blair Durham and Jessica Sanchez sit beside the refreshing pool, they laugh as Grant and Blair recount some of their humorous high school escapades. As a polite gesture, Blair brings Jessica into the conversation by asking, "So Jessica, what's your story?" Jessica explains that upon Irina's suggestion, she took an extended vacation from work to visit scenic Nashville, while Irina is here to perform surgery on Grant's patient, Coach Joe Foster.. Grant adds, "Jessica is a personal injury attorney from L.A." Being a personal injury lawyer himself, Blair jokingly responds "Well, when you get sick of the smog and long lines, you should come talk to us", referring to seeking employment with Bart Durham's Law Firm. Jessica smiles and indicates that might be a possibility.

Scene 3: Interior of Dr, Grant Lawrence, Kitchen - Evening

Earlier in the day, Grant had done a lot of work to create an extremely romantic evening with Irina, one he hoped would rekindle his relationship with his former fiance. Grant was slightly concerned whether Irina, who was used to glamorous L.A. nightlife and being wined and dined by the flamboyant, movie executive, Devlin Max, would still enjoy a quiet evening at home. So, from food to atmosphere, Grant wanted everything to be perfect for the woman for whom he would soon declare his love. Grant's preparations included grocery shopping to gather necessary ingredients for Irina's favorite Russian meal. He readied his home, strategically placing candles and mementos of their former loving relationship, throughout each room. His choice for dining table centerpiece was two dozen red roses in a crystal vase, beside which he placed their silver-framed engagement photo, taken years ago, on the day he placed his mother's diamond ring, on Irina's ring finger. He wanted to show Irina that when they were together, it was the happiest and most magical time of his life.

While standing at the island counter in Grant's kitchen, Grant pours Irina a glass of her favorite white wine. He makes a toast, thanking Irina for coming to Nashville to operate on his patient, Joe Foster. When Grant invites Irina to sit down and relax, she insists on helping with the meal preparations. A nervous Grant gets the courage to broach the subject of why Irina broke off their engagement, years ago. The Russian beauty, Irina becomes flushed and her mind is overloaded with emotion, as she struggles to explain in her second language of English, "I was young and scared and I got the job in L.A., but now I'm sorry I left." Grant repeats in his mind, Irina's sentiments that she's sorry she left Nashville. He tries to remain cool and calm, as he realizes this admission was a very positive sign. Grant starts to feel more optimistic that the romantic evening he has planned for Irina, might end with his love deciding to move back to Nashville and accept the engagement ring, he gave her years ago. Luckily for Irina, at that moment, her mobile phone rings and interrupts their conversation. Relieved for the perfectly timed distraction, allowing her to avoid the uncomfortable topic of conversation, Irina says, "It could be an emergency" and answers her phone. Calling Irina from his yacht in Malibu, was none other than Grant's competition, Irina's unrelenting suitor, Devlin Max. The last person in the world Grants wants Irina to have on her mind this evening is the handsome and possessive, Devlin Max. Grant's movement around the kitchen becomes more frantic, as continues cooking while thinking to himself, how dare Devlin interrupt their conversation at such a crucial time.

Steering his yacht in the Pacific Ocean, while talking on his mobile phone to Irina in Nashville, Devlin Max raises his voice from the beginning of the conversation. "You're with that Tennessee hillbilly!" Standing within earshot of Grant in his kitchen, Irina becomes flustered and doesn't know how to respond to the insulting statement. In a jealous rage, Devlin arrogantly continues, "I thought your sentence in Nashville would make it obvious that you belong in Malibu with me!" Irina responds in an equally loud voice "Devlin, it's over!" and disconnects the call. Embarrassed and confused, she turns her head away from Grant, and sets her mobile phone down on the kitchen counter.

Will Grant realize that if it's too hot - get out of the kitchen? Something tells us that the vegetables are not the only thing steaming and that trouble is surely brewing! Will Irina get a clue that Dr Grant Lawrence (a.k.a. "Dr. Good Looking") is the best thing that ever happen to her? Is all this drama going to influence Dr. Irina Sulemina's performance, as she operates on Coach Joe Foster? How accurate was the Russian translation of Irina's favorite Russian dish? All matters are pretty bloodcurdling and if food poisoning does occur, at least there is a doctor, or two, in the house. Can Grant handle whatever Devlin Max may have cooked up for him? Grab a sandwich and watch the next episode of Coach Foster Fights Back, and keep consulting this web site!

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