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  • Sara Foster
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  • Boat
  • Jessica Sanchez
  • Linda Johnson
  • Sophia Krainov
  • Terry Sterling
  • Devlin Max
  • Bill Elkins
  • Bobby Ray Bueller, Jr.
  • Virginia Hollister, R.N.
  • Loretta Sweetwater
  • Stanley Briggs
  • Bart Durham
  • Blair Durham
  • Jackie & Jeremy Foster with Molly

Episode #14: "Good Luck Joe"

Scene 1: Memorial Hospital, Dr, Grant Lawrence's Office, Nashville, Tennessee - Day

A somber Dr. Grant Lawrence and Dr. Irina Sulemina summon Sara Foster to Grant's office, to discuss Joe's serious and fragile medical condition. Grant and Irina fear that Sara may have unrealistic expectations of what the Petrofsky Procedure can do for her husband. The doctors discuss the realities of Joe's condition and explain the risks of the surgery. The conscientious Sara, asks many questions about the procedure and inquires into the qualifications of Dr. Sulemina.

Dr. Lawrence tells Sara, "Sara the procedure could lead to permanent paralysis. There are no guarantees when it comes to surgery. That's why I've laid out all the risks for you." Grant continues by assuring Mrs. Foster with "But, Dr. Sulemina is the best surgeon for this procedure, in the country!" Irina looks Sara squarely in the eyes and insists, "I want you both to be absolutely sure that you want this surgery." After a long and serious discussion, Sara confidently says, "Joe is 100% sure, please help him!" Dr Lawrence and Dr. Sulemina feel that since their due diligence has been fulfilled, the surgery shall be scheduled.

Scene 2: Memorial Hospital, Coach Joe Foster's Hospital Room, Nashville, Tennessee - Day

The nurses' stations at Nashville's Memorial Hospital are all abuzz this morning, as it is the big day for Coach Joe Foster. On Coach Foster's floor, the waiting room is packed with people, (some from as far away as Johnson City), all there to give personal well wishes and messages of support, to Joe, before his surgery. From the looks of the scene at the hospital, it seems as if the Mayor must have declared the day "Coach Joe Foster Day", in Nashville.

Many Nashvillians have taken time off of work and some have even closed their businesses today, so they can be at the hospital for Joe. Loretta Sweetwater, a food server from Bobby Ray's Uptown Caf, (Coach Foster's baseball team's favorite after game hang-out) waits anxiously in the corner, clutching a lemon pie, with a get-well card on it, reading, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Get well soon, Coach Foster!!!" Loretta's boss, Bobby Ray Bueller sits beside her and has brought as a special gift for Joe, his prized baseball card collection.

Upon insistence of the children on Joe's baseball team, the school has allowed those students to take a field trip to the hospital, to hand-deliver a poster size team photo, on which was written "Go Gettem, Coach!" signed by the entire team. Nurse Amanda Green and Nurse Virginia Hollister are charged with the duty of explaining to Joe's many well-wishers that upon Dr. Grant Lawrence's strict instruction's, Joe Foster is to receive no visitors, other than immediate family, prior to the surgery. The crowd is disappointed, but understands, as they all just want what is best for the beloved Coach Foster.

By now, anyone in Nashville who knows Coach Foster, is aware that the very risky Petrofsky Procedure, (about to be performed on Joe, by the Russian surgeon from Malibu, Dr. Irina Sulemina), is a long shot. But, it is the only shot that Joe has, if he ever wants to walk again. Even Hospital Administrator, Stanley Briggs paces pensively in the surgical waiting room, keenly aware of the public relations nightmare which could ensue, if Joe's surgery fails, or worse yet if he doesn't survive the procedure.. With a packed waiting room of Coach Foster fans, Stanley Briggs becomes increasingly more nervous. For, today is the pilot trial of the Microendoscopic Controller. Stanley has a lot riding on the success of Joe's surgery, as the Petrofsky Procedure required the purchase of the Microendoscopic Controller, an expensive devise, of which the hospital board was dubious. The day could turn out to be a win-win situation if Joe's surgery is a success. Stanley envisions headlines in The Tennessean, with both scenarios, "Coach Foster Walks, Hooray for Nashville Memorial Hospital!" - or more dreaded words,..."Nashville Says Goodbye to Coach Foster and Good Ridding, Stanley Briggs". With that thought, Stanley heads to the hospital cafeteria for another strong cup of coffee.

Nurses from other floors slip away from their nurse stations, to peak their heads in Joe's hospital room, just to get a glimpse of the handsome coach. From all appearances, Joe has gained near celebrity status in Nashville, evidenced by his hospital room, filled with drawings made by his children, Jackie and Jeremy and cards and balloons from his baseball team, friends, co-workers and neighbors. Despite the attempt to decorate with reminders that Nashville is pulling for Joe, the mood in his hospital room, is nothing less than tense. In the privacy of Joe's hospital room, Nurse Virginia Hollister, talks to the Foster family and tries to make Joe as comfortable, as possible. As Joe visits with his wife, Sara, son Jeremy, daughter Jackie and sister-in law Linda, before he is wheeled off to undergo surgery, everyone is well aware that this could be the last time they see Joe alive.

Sara's sister, Linda Johnson insisted on accompanying Sara and the children to the hospital, as she is afraid that Sara may have a breakdown from stress and or lack of sleep. Linda's devotion to Sara is undying, after Linda survived childhood Leukemia, due to Sara's sisterly love and devotion. As a child, Linda promised God that if she lived, she would thank Sara for her kindness by being by her side, always. Now is Sara Foster's time of need and Linda is definitely there to help her sister, brother-in-law and niece and nephew. Sara clasps her husband Joe's hand and whispers "I love you, Joe", as the hospital surgical technician wheels Joe off to surgery. With a tear streaming down her face, Linda hugs her sister, Sara and mutters,.. "It's going to be alright, sis,... you'll see."

Scene 3: Memorial Hospital, Waiting Room, Nashville, Tennessee - Day

Finished with Joe Foster's surgery, physically tired and mentally drained, Dr. Grant Lawrence and Dr. Irina Sulemina use their last bit of energy to blast through the double doors of the surgical suite. Grant wipes the sweat from his brow, as they make their way down the long hall to the waiting room, to brief Sara Foster on the surgery results.

Sara Foster, already having inquired numerous times, about the status of her husband's surgery, again desperately approaches the nurse's station. When she is once more informed, they have no further information, Sara wanders back to the waiting room sofa, picks up the telephone receiver and continues her conversation with her sister, Linda, by adding, "No, they don't know anything yet,... oh Linda, pray for Joe!" Linda fires back "I survived Leukemia, and Joe is going to survive this!" Just then, Sara hears an approaching voice gently say, "Mrs. Foster, Mrs. Foster". Sara looks up and stands at attention, as her tear filled eyes focus to make out the silhouette of the imposing figure of Dr. Grant Lawrence and the statuesque Dr. Irina Sulemina. They all sit down and Irina takes a deep breath and opens up a dialog in her thick Russian accent by saying "It was close. He lost a lot of blood, but the surgery was a success. Sara,... Joe's going to be o.k.!" In his authoritative, yet excited voice Grant announces, "He's going to need family support and physical therapy, but chances are he's going to walk!" This news it is music to Sara's ears. It is all Sara had hoped to hear and words that she will never forget.

Will the sultry surgeon from Malibu, Dr. Irina Sulemina immediately "cut and run", back to California, after the surgery she performed on Coach Joe Foster? Or will Dr. Grant Lawrence convince her that there is another person, who can't live without her in Nashville? Will Nashville's Memorial Hospital Administrator, the devastatingly handsome and highly competitive, Stanley Briggs try to cozy up to the good doctor, Irina? What will Irina's Malibu boyfriend, the wealthy, possessive, movie studio owner, Devlin Max's reaction be to Irina's Nashville stay? Will Devlin Max send one of his private jets and several strong-arm stunt man "assistants" to escort Irina back to Malibu? If so, will Devlin's assistants, assist him in making sure Dr. Grant Lawrence understands, that as far as Devlin's is concerned, Irina will never return Nashville? Will Joe Foster's condition continue to improve, or is it only temporary? How the coach's children, Jeremy and Jackie Foster, faring through this entire ordeal? Will the coach's wife, Sara Foster be able to mentally and physically deal with the trauma and financial pressures caused by her husband's accident with the eight-teen wheeler? Stayed tuned and keep checking the website.

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