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Episode #12: “Malibu Bistro”

Scene 1: Beachside, Malibu, California - Afternoon

"What happened yesterday on the boat between you and Irina?" asks the confrontational Dr. Grant Lawrence, as he stands face-to-face, furiously awaiting an answer from the smug, Devlin Max. According to Irina Sulemina, nothing happened with Devlin, except the retrieval of champagne from the yacht’s galley. Her lipstick smeared lips, said otherwise and this was Grant's opportunity to see if Devlin would contradict Irina’s recount of the event.

"That's none of your business, that's between me and her...", Devlin replies in a ferocious tone. Tired of lies, Grant immediately interrupts, "That is my business, because I care about her." Now it is perfectly clear to Devlin, that Grant is indeed a small threat to his comfortable and convenient arrangement with Irina Sulemina. In Devlin’s mind, Irina is just where he wants her, with no room for a past lover to interfere with what he wants and what he believes, he deserves. Devlin will not consider stepping aside, so the doctor can step in on his woman. "She's mine." Devlin firmly states and finishes his rant with, "You had your chance and you blew it!" Grant instantly recalls what Irina's best friend, Jessica Sanchez told him about Devlin’s view of Irina, merely as a possession. Devlin's arrogant declaration of "She's mine." simply adds credibility to Jessica’s opinion of him.

Grant fearlessly implicates Devlin as the pompous, possessive tyrant that he is, as he shouts, "You just want to own her.” Loud enough for everyone on the beach to hear, Grant then declares his feelings for Irina, “I love her!" Devlin, shocked by the young doctor's audacity to speak to him in a disrespectful manner, can't find words to respond to Grant's confession. Although Grant's statement described Devlin Max’s true character, he summarily dismissed Grant’s perception of the nature of his relationship with Irina. Devlin’s body language reflected his estimation of Grant, as a hick from Tennessee who could never offer Dr. Irina Sulemina, the life she deserves. Devlin assesses the situation and goes for Grant’s jugular vein. The evil Devlin Max attacks Grant with a slur designed to make him feel inferior, as he snobbishly spouts, "Why don't you just go back to Tennessee, Hillbilly Boy?"

"Hey, I'm proud about being a Tennessan!", Grant shouts back, as he closes in on Devlin, allowing him less and less personal space. Grant follows a proud fact, with a stinging insult, "I'm a doctor, pal. What have you done?" "Aside from make B-grade movies?" blasts the doctor.

Grant looks Devlin up and down, scoffing at the empty shell of a person, standing before him. On that note, Grant was done with Devlin and swiftly turns, to head back to Irina's house. Suddenly, Grant feels Devlin’s threatening hand clasp his shoulder and pull him around. A red-faced, fuming Devlin added, "And one more thing!", as he decks Grant with a right punch in the face.

The element of surprise, the loss of balance and the impact of the blow, drops the proud Dr. Grant Lawrence into the sand, face down. Devlin’s actions make the statement to Grant, that the fight for Irina, has formally, just begun. Mockingly, Devlin shouts, "Doctor, heal thy self!" and jogs off, leaving Grant alone, disheveled and shamed.

Scene 2: Malibu Bistro, Malibu, California - Evening

Dr. Grant Lawrence and Dr. Irina Sulemina are seated at a table in one of Malibu's most trendy beachside restaurants, the Malibu Bistro. Feeling regretful that her hospital duties robbed time from her weekend guest, Irina decides to spend the evening alone with Grant, at her favorite dinnertime spot. With the weekend quickly dwindling, Grant’s opportunity to convince Irina to come to Nashville and perform the Petrofvski procedure on his patient, Coach Joe Foster, was limited. It was now or never, to discuss his patient’s condition with Irina. So, for the evening, Grant attempts to tuck away his feelings for Irina and any discussion of his encounter on the beach, with Devlin Max. Grant’s main focus tonight, is to discuss the details of Coach Joe Foster's injury and the surgery that could save his life, which only Irina could perform.

The sun setting over the Pacific Ocean was a flattering backlight for the exquisite Irina, dressed to the nines, in a glittering cocktail dress. Irina is radiant and looks more beautiful than ever, to Grant. The handsome couple definitely turned heads. Grant struggled not to stare at the Russian beauty and to remain focused on Joe Foster. Though this was to be a friendly “business” dinner, the chemistry between Grant and Irina was undeniable. Even the handsome Malibu Bistro waiter couldn't help commenting on what a lovely couple they make. For the time being though, both Grant and Irina would put these feelings aside and concentrate on a professional discussion. Before Irina has a chance to glance at the menu, Grant discretely pulls out a few photographs, from his coat pocket.

"Irina...take a look at this." Grant whispers.

What type of photographs will Grant show Irina? Are they pictures of “the good ole times” when they were an item? Or, are they before-and-after photos, documenting injuries sustained to Grant’s sand pummeled face, by the tormenter, Devlin Max? How will Irina react to her two suitor’s afternoon tango on the beach? More importantly, how's the veal at the Malibu Bistro and will it fit into Irina’s no-carb diet? Has Devlin Max bribed the Malibu Bistro chef, to add a “special” ingredient to Grant’s food, to render him incapacitated for the rest of the weekend? Will the hot waiter score points and big tips, with more of his charming compliments?

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