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Episode #10: “Hillbilly Boy”

Scene 1: Pacific Ocean, off the coast of California - Afternoon

On the trip to Catalina, the crisp sea breeze and the gentle motion of the waves lull most of Devlin’s yachting guests, with the exception of Nashville’s Dr. Grant Lawrence. In fact, a storm of enormous proportions is brewing inside Grant, as he continues to man the yacht as temporary Captain, awaiting the return of yacht owner, Devlin Max. It seemed like Devlin and Irina Sulemina, Grant’s former fiancé were gone hours; supposedly to make a quick trip to the lower level galley of the yacht to fetch champagne for everyone. Grant imagined Devlin using “champagne” as an excuse to steal away Irina, for a moment of passion. But just as quickly as Grant allows his mind to imagine such an unthinkable scenario,… he recalls the real purpose of his trip to Malibu. Grant remembers that he wasn’t there to win back Irina’s heart, or to impress her friends or to party in Malibu. Rather the trip was all about his Nashville patient, Coach Joe Foster. Grant’s weekend in Malibu was intended to be for the sole purpose of convincing Dr. Irina Sulemina to perform a much needed surgical procedure on Joe Foster. Grant struggles to remain focused on that goal and tries to deny jealousy the chance to consume him. After all, Grant Lawrence is a successful Nashville doctor,… not a love-sick high school boy. So, why should he be upset that the woman he once loved, has moved on? He should know better. Grant’s thoughts turn negative, as he wonders how Irina could ever choose him, over the successful movie executive, Devlin Max. Grant closes his eyes for a second, as he fights the memory of Devlin’s voice mocking him with his words of greeting at Irina’s deck party the night before: “Grant, welcome to paradise, Malibu, California,… the land of the sweet taste of indulgence and excess. Once one tastes it, Grant,….no place else on earth will ever do”. And, in Grant's mind, he wonders if Irina’s taste in men has changed, in favor of the apparent flavor of Malibu - Devlin Max.

In the corner of his eye, Grant spots Jessica Sanchez’s sexy body slinking her way around the edge of the yacht, to approach him. Self-conscious about his insecurities about Irina, he wishes that Jessica would leave him alone. Grant continues to put on a stoic front, pretending to be heavily concentrating on manning the wheel of the yacht. But how long can Grant hide the suspicions he harbors inside about Devlin and Irina? Grant realizes that the worldly and intuitive Jessica, is sure to pick up on both Irina and Grant’s feelings. Grant wonders if Jessica would use such knowledge for good or for evil?

As the mischievous Jessica makes her way towards Grant, she can’t resist the chance to toy with him. She sarcastically asks "Grant, where are Devlin and Irina?" Grant briskly replies “They went down to galley to get some champagne”. Grant says it,… as if he believes it, not giving a hint that he questions Devlin’s motives. One thing is for sure, Grant is in no mood for champagne! He relates champagne to celebrations and right now he can’t think of anything to celebrate. For as of now, Grant has not achieved any of the weekend’s goals. Grant hasn’t yet managed to get enough private time with Dr. Irina Sulemina to discuss her performing the operation on Joe Foster in Nashville, or to discuss his personal feelings towards her. Worse yet, Grant fears that he may be too late, as it appears as if Devlin may have already captured Irina’s heart. Jessica responds to Grant’s reply, with a smirk and a nod, as if she doubts Devlin and Irina were “getting champagne”. Immediately, she gives Grant “the look”; as if she can see right through him. It’s clear that Jessica is on to Grant’s insecurities, which no doubt will provide her hours of catty fun.

Down in the galley below, Devlin aggressively kisses Irina. It seems they have both forgotten about fetching champagne, while locked in a moment of secretive passion. She is taken by him, lost in his kiss, memorized by his embrace. As if awakened from a seductive trance, Irina suddenly becomes aware of her brazen actions. She abruptly stops kissing Devlin, as she realizes that she may have just jeopardized her relationship with Grant, who is just a level above her on the yacht. What is she thinking? Does this mean Devlin has successfully extinguished any chance of her old flame, Grant rekindling their romance? Or will Irina and Grant re-ignite, what once was?

"Stop it, Devlin", Irina whimpers, as she pushes away from his body. Irina meekly peers past Devlin's shoulders, to see if any of the other passengers can see them from the deck above. Devlin's conquest has come to a screeching halt. He looks in Irina's eyes and where he once saw passion, he now sees worry and guilt. Devlin quickly surmises, the source of Irina's dismay is confused feelings for Grant. Without skipping a beat, he lashes out at Irina and scolds her by barking "What? Do you prefer to kiss that hillbilly from Tennessee, than me?" With his insulting remark, Irina leaves Devlin alone to contemplate the result of his rude behavior.

Grant and Jessica hear aggressive footsteps come from the cabin, followed by the sight of a flushed Irina. Jessica moves over to make room for Irina to sit next to her. Jessica isn’t going to let Irina get away without explaining the nature of her flushed complexion and dazed expression. Grant notices Irina returns to the upper deck, without Devlin. Grant refuses to give Jessica the satisfaction of appearing curious about Irina’s strange behavior. Grant also doesn’t want Irina to get a hint of his insecurity about Devlin.

Grant doesn’t want to appear as a jealous ex-boyfriend, who is obsessing over Irina’s every action. He discretely manages a glance in Irina’s direction and spies her talking in hushed tones to Jessica Sanchez. Jessica doesn’t hesitate to inquire about the smeared lipstick on Irina's lips. Hearing this, Grant can no longer feign that he is oblivious to his surroundings. Grant turns to see for himself, the lipstick smudged lips of his past love. Anger is apparent on Grant’s face, as he considers the possibility that whatever happened in the galley cabin between Devlin and Irina, may not have been with her consent.

"What happened down there, are you all right?", Grant asks Irina, in a commanding fashion. "Oh, nothing really happened, really. Don't worry, I'm fine", Irina half-convincingly replies, as she wipes the pink smears from under her bottom lip. Jessica, with her mouth open in shock, glances over to Grant. She can't believe her friend's actions; kissing the egotistical movie producer, only a staircase away from her former doctor love. Jessica decides not to further incite trouble by asking more prying questions. Jessica will pounce on Irina the moment they have some “girl time”, to get the real scoop.

Scene 2: Dr. Irina Sulemina's Deck, Malibu, California - Exterior - Early Evening

Handing her another tissue, Sofia Karinov comforts her dear friend, Irina, being sympathetic to her needs and listening to her situation. Irina sits between Sofia and Jessica, her two best friends and confesses her sins. Irina explains that she has made a mistake by introducing Grant to Devlin and that she has conflicting feelings about them. She loves both men, although in very different ways. Irina explains that she fears both men are aware of this fact. Sofia is baffled and confused with Irina’s indecision. Being a long time friend, Sophia doesn't have the heart to say what needs to be said. Jessica, on the other hand, never known to hold back from speaking her mind, coarsely declares, "Irina, you can't have them both, you have to choose!" Still, confused and lovesick, Irina doesn't know how she could ever choose between the two handsome suitors.

Who will Irina choose, as her one, true love? Was Devlin’s over-zealous and aggressive behavior with Irina be enough to turn the tides of passion back toward Grant? Are Irina’s best friends, Jessica and Sofia having a behind-the-back wager on which one of these guys will come in “first”? And, why, why, why are these two beautiful women still single? Don't bother asking that 'Jeeves' guy for answers to these questions! Come back to this website and get the real scoop! Stay tuned for more exciting storyline details and don’t miss any episodes of “Coach Foster Fights Back"!

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