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Episode #9: “Champagne Kisses”

Scene 1: Malibu Yacht Club, Malibu, California - Exterior - Morning

The devilishly handsome Devlin Max stands proudly by his yacht, docked at the Malibu Yacht Club marina.

He adjusts his shirt and runs his fingers through his windblown hair, as he envisions what the day of yachting may hold. Very aware of the allure his yacht affords to females; Devlin hopes the vessel will intimidate Grant Lawrence. As Irina Sulimina, Jessica Sanchez and Grant arrive to the dock, Devlin sports a smug grin, as he amuses himself with the thought that Grant could never offer Irina such a glamorous lifestyle.

Devlin invites the trio onboard his yacht. Mindful of her steps, Irina offers her hand to Devlin. In a calculated effort to posture himself as “Irina’s man”, Devlin possessively takes her hand and helps her onboard. Devlin wants it to be known that Irina is his, and his alone - his prized possession,… a Russian beauty to adorn his side. Intimately leaning towards her, Devlin whispers to Irina, "We're gonna have a good time, okay?", in his subtle, yet clearly domineering style. He follows his command, veiled as an affectionate comment, with a kiss; yet another public posture for “ownership”. Jessica slithers on board the yacht next, dodging Devlin's complements on her good looks. Grant steps up to the yacht and pauses, as he tries to find a polite comment about Devlin’s vulgar display of wealth. Grant manages to comment "Nice boat", as he is coldly acknowledged by Devlin. Never ignoring an opportunity to brag, Devlin arrogantly boasts, "It's my small one. I can sail this one by myself." Grant, ever the gracious guest, decides to not comment on his host’s lack of decorum.

It's not enough that Devlin has the beautiful Irina and the seductive Jessica onboard his yacht, for he has also invited a young starlet, Terry Sterling, to join the group. Terry, lounges on the deck, as if posing for a “swim-suit edition” photo, as she awaits an introduction to the handsome Grant Lawrence. Devlin, the ever calculating movie studio executive, hopes that Terry’s sexy physique will awaken the naïve Grant Lawrence to the fact that Malibu is teaming with such beauties. Devlin’s hope is to divert Grant’s attention away from Irina, by tempting him with the undeniably attractive Terry. Grant climbs aboard, briefly glancing at the bikini-clad Terry. Preparing to cast off, Devlin takes his position as Captain.

Scene 2: West Nashville Salvage Yard, Nashville, Tennessee- Exterior - Early Afternoon

In Nashville, Bart Durham accompanies Sara Foster, and her sister, Linda, to the salvage yard. To get evidence for Joe’s legal case, Bart examines the condition of Joe Foster’s totaled car. Sara Foster hopes to "salvage" some of her husband’s personal belongings from the wreckage. In the midst of a sea of wrecked vehicles, Sara spots Joe's car. Sara is flooded with emotions of dread and sorrow, just as she had experienced the night of the accident. She inspects Joe’s car and imagines the trauma he must have suffered in the accident with the tractor trailer. Linda pulls on the passenger side door, prying it open and the search begins. After digging in the glove compartment and reaching through the collapsed seats and shattered glass, they find the only existing photo prints of Foster family reunion and Coach Joe Foster's lucky Nashville ball cap. A few torn photographs and a tattered cap may seem like junk to some,…but to the sentimental Sara Foster, it was if treasure had been uncovered.

Scene 3: Pacific Ocean off the coast of California - Afternoon

As they briskly sail to Catalina, Devlin shows that he is in command of his vessel, with unbreakable confidence. Irina and Grant manage to enjoy a brief chat, while Devlin is occupied with boat Captain duties. The jealous tension between Grant and Devlin, seems to subside, if only on the surface,… if only for the moment. However, Devlin's peripheral vision is not blind the fact that his Nashville doctor guest has managed to cozy up to his Russian beauty. In Devlin’s mind, he must not only maintain control of the yacht's course, but also that of Irina. In a decisive move, Devlin interrupts their conversation, by requesting Irina’s assistance to fetch champagne for his guests. Devlin appoints Dr. Grant Lawrence to take over his yacht Captain duties, while he and Irina go to the galley below for champagne. Grant tries to concentrate on manning the yacht, but can’t help but wonder what Devlin has up his sleeve.

Irina asks Devlin which type of champagne he prefers, as she reaches into the wine refrigerator. As Irina's back is turned away from Devlin, she waits for his answer. But Devlin’s mind is not on champagne. So Devlin responds by firmly placing his hands around her waist, turning her around, and bringing her in close. "I prefer you", Devlin adamantly declares. The ocean waves pound the sides of the massive yacht, as Devlin pushes his body against Irina’s and kisses her passionately. Devlin finally has what he wants,… Irina in his arms and total control of the situation.

Above, on the deck of the yacht, Jessica notices that Devlin is no longer manning the vessel. Instead, she spots the very available Dr. Grant standing at the wheel, with a slight hint of impatience on his face. Jessica seizes the opportunity to get alone time with the handsome Nashville guy. With a seductive grin, of which only she is capable; Jessica tells Terry that she's going over to check on Grant. Terry rolls over to tan the other side of her perfect body.

Will Irina go from lip locked to landlocked and decline future yachting invitations, as a result of Devlin’s romantic advances? Or did his passionate kiss convince her to choose Devlin Max over Nashville’s Grant Lawrence? Will Devlin, so determined to win Irina’s heart, dare eliminate Grant Lawrence, by throwing him overboard for sharks to devour? Or is the cunning Devlin Max “shark” enough to battle Grant for Irina’s heart. If Dr. Grant Lawrence doesn’t return to Nashville, what will happen to Coach Joe Foster? How will this yacht trip affect Terry's lack of a tan line, when she dons her next red carpet gown?

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