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  • Jessica Sanchez
  • Linda Johnson
  • Sophia Krainov
  • Terry Sterling
  • Devlin Max
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  • Jackie & Jeremy Foster with Molly

Episode #6: “What a Country”

Scene 1: Malibu Beach, Malibu, California - Day

Russian beauty, Dr. Irina Sulemina lounges on a Malibu, California beach with hunky boyfriend and studio executive, Devlin Max. The egotistical Devlin half heartedly apologizes to Irina, citing a lame excuse for missing her birthday. Devlin arrogantly explains that as head of Turn-Key Max Studios, duty called requiring him to attend a movie premiere, escorting non other than the film’s gorgeous leading lady. Disappointed and hurt, Irina wants to believe her boyfriend, but women’s intuition questions the worn out story, she has heard so many time before. Even as Devlin holds the magnificent doctor Irina’s hand, he discretely turns his head, ever so slightly, to check out other bikini clad women walking by on the white sand. Devlin promises to take Irina on a trip to Costa Rica , to make up for being absent on her birthday. Irina, cautiously optimistic, holds in her emotions.

Scene 2: Municipal Park, Nashville, Tennessee - Day

Jeremy and Jackie Foster, son and daughter of badly injured Coach Joe Foster, walk to Municipal Park, with their loyal family dog, Shetland Sheep Dog, Molly. The children’s mother, Sara Foster, encourages them to get out of the house and to participate in “usual” activities, once enjoyed, prior to their father’s accident. But, the family dynamic is in the Foster home currently, is far from “business as usual”. Scared and sad about the prospect of their Dad not being able to walk, Sara knows that she must endeavor to keep up the children’s morale. Sara Foster is determined that her children not be burdened by Joe’s bed-ridden condition. Sara understands first-hand, the effects of loosing a sense of childhood through accepting adult-like burdens. House-bound herself as a small girl, Sara cared for her younger sister, Linda, who had childhood Leukemia. Sara refuses to allow her children to experience the same agony.

The sunny, relaxing atmosphere of the park is in sharp contrast to the turbulent, uncertain environment in the Foster home. Sara Foster hopes that the change in environment will be beneficial for her kids. Jackie Foster throws a baseball to her brother and he throws it back to her, as they try to distract themselves with a game of catch. The afternoon away from the bedside of their injured dad, is not enough to ease their tenseness. Jackie Foster nervously musters up the courage to talk to her bother, Jeremy, about their dad. Jackie asks, “Is dad ever going to walk again?” Jeremy hangs his head and replies “I don’t know”. Although family and friends attempt to act as if “everything will be alright”, it seems many in Nashville quietly worry about the future of the Foster family.

Scene 3: LAX Airport, Los Angeles, California - Exterior - Day

Dr. Grant Lawrence arrives in Los Angeles at LAX airport, to spend the weekend with Dr, Irina Sulemina. With excited anticipation, luggage in hand, he is greeted outside in the arrivals area by former love, Irina. Grant smiles with delight as he spots her tall, slender figure from afar. He looks forward to reacquainting himself with Irina, over what he hopes will prove to be an excellent weekend. Eager to see Irina after so many years, yet anxious as to whether he can convince her to return to Nashville to perform an important operation on his patient, Joe Foster, Grant approaches her car. Memories of romantic feelings he once had for Irina rush through him with the speed of a jet’s engine. In his mind, Grant replays excerpts of their most recent phone conversation, during which she extended the invitation to her California home for the weekend. He specifically remembers her modest words, indicating that she would pick him up in a “little red car”. Grant’s mouth drops open, after he takes his eyes off of Irina long enough to see what she is indeed driving. Shocked by the success she must surely enjoy to afford such a vehicle, Grant admires her hot, red Ferrari. A dumb founded Grant asks the rhetorical question, “This,… is your little red car?” Irina smiles sheepishly, as she expertly puts the car in gear and races off, saying “ America, what a country!” As they pull out of the airport, Irina points out several movie stars getting in and out of stretch limos. If my Nashville friends could only see me now, Grants thinks to himself. As Irina and Grant drive along the scenic California coastline, it could be a scene from “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”. Each home larger and more luxurious than the next, they swiftly pass a sign reading “Welcome to Malibu”. Grant, once again stunned, asks Irina another rhetorical question, “You live in Malibu?”

Scene 4: Dr. Irina Sulemina’s Home in Malibu, California - Exterior - Day

Irina slowly drives her Ferrari up the long, winding driveway to her Malibu mansion. Grant Lawrence, still in awe of her red spots car, is now even more impressed by her home. As the Ferrari glides effortlessly up the mountains, the elevation allows Grant to take in the breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean . Grant silently wonders which is more remarkable; the panoramic ocean view, or Irina’s perfectly manicured, lush landscaped grounds and mansion. The successful, in his-own-right, Dr. Grant Lawrence realizes the combination and majesty of both, is incredible. Grant’s slight pang of envy is dominated by pride of his former Russian immigrant girlfriend and the amazing lifestyle she has earned in America. As the car comes to a halt, at the top of her driveway, Grant’s jaw drops. He is now able to see the complete view of her entire home. “Is this all yours?” Grant inquires. Irina modestly mutters, “It looks bigger than it is.” As Grants lifts his luggage from the Ferrari cargo compartment, they are met at the top of the driveway by Irina’s roommates and best friends, Jessica and Sophia. The sexy pair look the part of “Hollywood Divas” and are not shy about meeting Grant. The more flirtatious of the two, Jessica, bats her eyelashes and begs for an introduction. Sophia notices that Jessica can’t take her eyes off the handsome doctor, as she scans his fit physique. Jessica remarks to Grant, “So you’re what all the fuss is about”. Grant looks bewildered. Sophia and Jessica comment to Irina that everything is ready for the evening’s party. Grant shyly inquires,”What party?” Dr. Lawrence’s question makes obvious his preference for a private, intimate weekend exclusively spent with Irina. It seems Grant’s weekend hostess, Irina, may have envisioned quite another concept. Sophia, Irina’s Russian friend, senses Grant’s reluctance to sharing Irina during his brief stay in Malibu, and grabs Jessica’s arm and tells her they need to leave.

Is Irina Sulemina’s intention for the weekend, merely to taunt Grant Lawrence with her glamorous lifestyle in Malibu? Will Irina’s roommates and best friends, Jessica and Sophia accept Grant as Irina’s guy? Or will these sexy, flirtatious divas consider Grant “fair game” hoping Cupid’s arrow will hit the handsome doctor with feelings of attraction towards one of them? How will Nashville’s Grant Lawrence fare at a Hollywood party? Will Grant forget about the real mission of the weekend - getting Joe Foster the Petrofsky Procedure surgery he so desperately requires?

Does Dr. Irina Sulemina realize how many people in Nashville are counting on her to perform a miracle on Coach Foster?

Stayed tuned foreach exciting episode of “Coach Foster Fights Back”.

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