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  • Sophia Krainov
  • Terry Sterling
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  • Bill Elkins
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  • Virginia Hollister, R.N.
  • Loretta Sweetwater
  • Stanley Briggs
  • Bart Durham
  • Blair Durham
  • Jackie & Jeremy Foster with Molly

Episode #5: “Small World”

Scene 1: Office of Dr. Grant Lawrence, Memorial Hospital, Nashville, TN - Interior - Day & Malibu Beach, Mailbu, California, at home of Dr. Irina Sulemina, - Day

Dr. Grant Lawrence nervously dials up his former love, Dr. Irina Sulemina, who is an expert on a surgerywhich his patient, Joe Foster, may need.As the phone rings, he reflects back on their time together and hopes she will answer his call. Dr. Irina Suleminatakes a moment out, from her day off, (which she spends with girlfriends, at her Malibubeachfront home), to take a mobile phone call. Who could dare to imagine that on the other end of the phone, is her handsome former love, Dr. Grant Lawrence,calling from Nashville Memorial Hospital. Irina has not spoken to the dashing doctor in years. The warm California sun beats down on the bikini clad Irina, as she talks on the phone to Grant. One by one, Irina’s attractive Russian girlfriends, notice that Irina is talking on the phone. Her arrestingly beautiful girlfriends stop frolicking on the beach and slowly gather around, to eaves drop on her conversation. As usual, Dr. Irina arranged this day, not to be on call, with her hospital. So, it seems strange to her friends, that she would even accept a phone call. After all, their bi-monthly, “Russian Girls Day On The Beach” was a regular engagement. “Russian Girls Day On The Beach” is a day they regard as sacred, on which they promise to spend with each other, speaking only Russian and shutting out anything having to do with America. Although only in Russian, will they dare admit that Russia is a little lacking on sun drenched beaches. The Russian women hold their friendships dear, as they get together to discuss the old country and how much they all miss it.

With sand in her feet, wind through her flowing hair and the loud sound of the surf, pounding the Californiacoastline, Irina can barely hear Grant’s nervous voice, on her mobile phone. As her friends realize she is talking to a man, they sense that the usually composed and unruffled Irina, may be slightly shaken or perhaps excited, by the phone call. As their discussion continues, Grant and Irina progressively feel more at ease speaking with each other. Could sweet love be in the air... or just salty brine from the surf?

As Grant hangs on every one of Irina’s words, his heart and mind are flooded with memories of their romantic relationship. He remembers her alluring beauty, sexy smile and perfect physique. Grant struggles to keep the focus of his intentions, in the best interest of his seriously injured patient, Coach Joe Foster. Grant becomes more determined than ever, to make a success of his upcoming weekend visit with Irina. Evasive and with a dry, yet playful Russian sense of humor, Irina teases Grant with a glimmer of hope of possibilities. Grant would feel more confident, if only he could see the sheepish grin on Irina’s face. Clearly she is pleased that he called, although she tries to sound non-committal.

Scene 2: Home of Dr. Grant Lawrence- Late Afternoon

After work, Attorney Blair Durham visits his friend, Dr. Grant Lawrence, at his home. They are joined by Grant’s good friends and Memorial Hospital colleagues: Stanley Briggs, Hospital Administrator and Nurse Virginia Hollister. The young professionals relax, after a long day at their respective offices. They enjoy each other’s company by Grant’s outdoor swimming pool. In response to an invitation by Blair to get together over the weekend, Grant declines, as he mentions his plans to go to Malibu for the weekend to see Dr. Irina Sulemina. The group discusses the fact that Grant formerly dated Irina. Blair asks if Irina is still single. Always the matchmaker, Stanley, confidently replies “Oh, yeah!” When it is explained that the reason for Grant’s trip to Malibu, revolves around more than just an old flame and it’s to help a patient, the plot thickens. Grant explains the tie in of his trip to Irina’s home, with his patient, Coach Joe Foster. Grant tells the sad story of Joe’s injury and that he desperately needs an operation, that only Irina can perform. Blair realizes that Grant’s patient, Joe Foster, is one in the same with his client. Blair shares the coincidence of them both working with the same Joe Foster. Blair tells the group that that he and his father, Attorney Bart Durham, are also helping Joe Foster, by representing him in his personal injury case. Small world.

Is Dr. Irina Sulemina merely taunting her former love, Dr. Grant Lawrence, by extending the invitation to her Malibuhome, for the weekend? What, (if any), surprises may lovely Irina have in store for Grant? Will Grant be seduced by the Malibu lifestyle and the Malibu “Barbie Dolls” on the California beaches? Will Grant succumb to the lure of perfect California weather, beautiful people and the life of the rich and famous in Malibu and consequently choose to abandon Nashville? Has Irina had enough of the materialistic and superficial California way of life,… enough so to return to Russia? Will the time Irina and Grant share be full of pleasant surprises,… or shocking revelations? Is their any real hope of Grant and Irina rekindling any genuine romantic feelings for each other?

Is any hope for potential feelings of love between Grant and Irina… as phony as most of the plastic surgeon sculpted bodies in California? Is Grant Lawrence flying toMalibu California to convince Dr. Irina Sulemina to perform surgery on Coach Joe Foster,… or with another selfish agenda? Does Joe Foster’s ability to walk again, hang in the balance, of the uncertain relationship between Dr. Irina Sulemina and Dr. Grant Lawrence?

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