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  • Sara Foster
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  • Boat
  • Jessica Sanchez
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  • Stanley Briggs
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  • Jackie & Jeremy Foster with Molly

Episode #4: “Old Business , New Technology”

Scene 1: Office of Stanley Briggs, Nashville Memorial Hospital Administrator - Interior - Day

An exhausted and over worked, Dr. Grant Lawrence walks into the office of the handsome, Stanley Briggs, (the youngest hospital administrator ever, in the history of Nashville’s Memorial Hospital). Dr. Lawrence, concerned about his injured patient, Coach Joe Foster, confides in Stanley Briggs about his tentative condition. Frustrated and extremely concerned, Dr. Lawrence explains that Joe Foster may never walk again, without surgery. Grant further explains that such an intricate surgery, is very risky. Stanley suggests a surgical procedure, pioneered by a famous Russian surgeon, Dr. Ivan Petrofsky in which he believes could possibly help Joe Foster. Grant exclaims that Dr. Ivan Petrofsky is dead! With a smug smile, Stanley confidently retorts,…”but not Irina”. Stanley Briggs refers to the alluring, young female doctor, Dr. Irina Sulemina, with whom, at one time, Grant Lawrence was romantically involved.

Stanley reminds Grant that Dr. Irina Sulemina studied under Dr. Ivan Petrofsky, in Russia and is completely familiar with the procedure. The hospital administrator also proudly shows Dr. Lawrence a small black box. Stanley explains that this new piece of leading edge technology, recently purchased by the hospital, called the endoscopic controller, is the necessary piece of equipment to perform the surgical procedure. Stanley tells Grant that he has already contacted Irina, to see if she would assist Dr. Lawrence with the Petrofsky Procedure. Matchmaking, Stanley, gets a sheepish grin on his face, when he reveals Irina indicated, that she only wants to discuss such possibilities, with Grant. Stanley instructs Grant to call Irina, right away, at the California hospital, where she currently practices.

Trying to lighten the serious conversation, Stanley jokingly remarks to his great friend and hospital colleague, Dr. Lawrence,.. “you never should have let that one get away”, (referring to Dr. Irina Sulemina). In a playful manner, Stanley shakes his head in disbelief and under his breath calls Grant Lawrence a “moron”. Dr. Lawrence hands his head and his regret that he was no longer dating Irina, more than is evident.

Scene 2: Office of Dr. Grant Lawrence, Memorial Hospital, Nashville, TN - Interior - Day

A nervous Dr. Grant Lawrence, telephones his beautiful and amazingly brilliant, former girlfriend, Dr. Irina Sulemina, in California. Not knowing what type of reception he will receive from Irina, Grant tries to sound professional and calm, cool and collected. Irina seizes the opportunity to joke around a bit with Grant. She seems to enjoy the fact that he may be slightly uncomfortable making the call. After all, it had been years since the last time the two spoke. Playful banter between the two doctors is exchanged, before the subject of Coach Foster and the Petrofsky Procedure ever comes up in the conversation.

Will Dr. Irina Sulemina agree to help Dr. Grant Lawrence perform the Petrofsky Procedure on Coach Joe Foster? Or will Irina tell Grant what he can do with his Endoscopic Controller?

Will Stanley Briggs be successful in playing matchmaker,… to rekindle the relationship between Grant and Irina? Or could the sly and sometimes womanizing, Stanley Briggs secretly, himself, vying to win the heart of Irina? How did hospital administrator, Stanley Briggs just coincidently happen to purchase the very piece of equipment,…. that only Dr. Irina Sulemina knows how to use?. Does Dr. Sulemina still have what it takes to perform the Petrofsky Procedure…or is she just “ California Dreaming”? Will Joe Foster get the critical surgery that he so desperately needs?…Or, will hospital politics, and love between Grant and Irina gone wrong… prevent Joe from the medical treatment that could make him walk again.

Stayed tuned for the next exciting episode of “Coach Foster Fights Back”.

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