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  • Sara Foster
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  • Boat
  • Jessica Sanchez
  • Linda Johnson
  • Sophia Krainov
  • Terry Sterling
  • Devlin Max
  • Bill Elkins
  • Bobby Ray Bueller, Jr.
  • Virginia Hollister, R.N.
  • Loretta Sweetwater
  • Stanley Briggs
  • Bart Durham
  • Blair Durham
  • Jackie & Jeremy Foster with Molly

Episode #3: “Time Out - For Coach”

Scene 1: Truck Stop Diner Interior

While picking up an order at the kitchen window of Nashville’s landmark “Bobby Rays Uptown Café Truck Stop Diner, food server Loretta Sweetwater shares with cook / owner, Bobby Ray Bueller, a newspaper article. Loretta points out that Coach Joe Foster, (coincidently her young nephew’s baseball coach), was hit by a tractor trailer, driven by one of her customers, Bill Elkins. Loretta inadvertently remarks to Bobby Ray, (who secretly has feelings for Loretta) that the truck stop customer who hit Joe Foster’s car, has the nickname “superman”. Her discussion of the newspaper article sparks a jealous and unexpected reaction from her boss, Bobby Ray. He recalls Bill Elkins mentioning that he was going to return to Nashville to show Loretta “the time of her life”. Bobby Ray makes known his position on the truck driver’s comment. Apparently Bobby Ray felt threatened in some way be the attention he showed to Loretta. Loretta is shocked by Bobby Ray’s comments and wonders if she might mean more to him,… than just another truck stop employee. As much as Loretta feels Bobby Ray’s comments are an overreaction, in the back of her mind, grew a glimmer of hope of gaining Bobby Ray’s affection. Loretta wondered why Bobby Ray would be so concerned by a little innocent flirting from her truck stop customers.

Scene 2:Home of Joe and Sara Foster - Morning

Sara Foster happily serves her bedridden husband, Joe, breakfast in bed, as he is recovering from his car accident. Joe endeavors to conceal both his worries about the future and his extreme pain from his injuries. Sara, his quiet, but astutely observant wife, reads through his brave attempts. Sara tenderly tries to make her husband comfortable, rearranging his pillows and serving him his favorite foods. Joe and Sara’s children, although very frightened, also try put on a happy face for their Dad. It seems even their Shetland Sheep Dog, Molly, can sense the tension and concern in the air. Joe is saddened by his inability to get around and by the fact that his injuries cause his wife more work and anxiety. Joe, a once independent, hard-working man, was more accustomed to the role of provider, with an unwavering commitment to always taking care of his family. But, since the accident, Joe, no longer able to fulfill that responsibility, feels useless.

During his difficult recovery, Joe’s inability to attend to the most simple of tasks, just to take care of himself, causes him a bit of stress and shame. Joe Foster, usually the optimistic person in any group, half-heartedly tries to assure his wife, that he will indeed re-gain his ability to walk and to work. Sara, responds lovingly, as if she believes him. While she hopes and prays for the best,…Sara can’t help but secretly fear the worst. For the sake of her children, Jeremy and Jackie and her dear husband, Joe, Sara carries a huge burden, as she tries to maintain the appearance of a positive and hopeful outlook,

Scene 3:Home of Joe and Sara Foster - Afternoon

Sara Foster turns to the only person with whom she feels comfortable confiding in; her younger sister, Linda Johnson. The two sisters have shared a close and trusting bond since childhood, when Sara took care of her sister, during Linda’s battle with childhood Leukemia. With Sara’s everlasting faith in her sister, she knows that now Linda’s help and companionship with her and her children, will be key in holding the family together, through Joe’s recovery. Ever since Joe’s car accident, Linda has stepped in to help Sara, in her time of need. After all, as a child, Linda Johnson made a promise to God, about Sara. Linda believes that her recovery was due to the will of God, wonderful medical care and the blessing of her sister’s steadfast love and companionship.

Linda promised God, that if she survived her illness,…. she would thank her sister for the many months of Sara’s youth spent taking care of her,… by being by her side, always. Linda seizes the opportunity to live up to her promise to God. Linda loyally sits by Sara’s side, in the Foster living room, as they discuss the accident, Joe injuries and how the family’s life is changing. Sara, depressed and scared about what will happen to her husband and children, is no longer able to maintain a courageous front and breaks down in front of her sister. As Sara’s eyes well up with tears, they look through the huge stack of bills which have piled up, since Joe’s accident. Linda’s inner strength and inexhaustible will to keep the family unit going, surfaces. Linda breaks the awkward silence, wipes her sister’s tears and advises Sara. Linda discusses the need to quit avoiding the seemingly insurmountable circumstances,…by taking decisive action. Linda strongly suggests to Sara, that the insurance company is giving her the run around. Linda convinces Sara to consult a lawyer for the help they so desperately need.

Scene 4: Law Offices of Bart Durham - Afternoon

Lawyers, Bart and Blair Durham meet in the law office conference room. Bart shares the news, with his son, Blair, of a new case they will be handling. Bart briefs Blair on the Joe Foster Tractor Trailer Accident Case. Blair recalls that Joe Foster is the baseball coach of his wife Kelly’s nephew. Bart and Blair quickly get to work on the case and assemble a complete legal team.

Will Loretta Sweetwater and Bobby Ray Bueller become an item? Or will Loretta run off with trucker, Bill Elkins? How will Coach Foster deal with his inability to take care of his family? Will Sara Foster be able to continue holding her family together throughout her husband’s recovery?

Stayed tuned for the next exciting episode of “Coach Foster Fights Back”.

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